Is Rio Expensive? Go To These Places Instead

If you’re thinking about spending your vacation in Brazil but came to the conclusion Rio de Janeiro is too expensive for you right now, don’t worry! Brazil has several destinations that are not only easier on your wallet but also equally beautiful and very entertaining.

From the majestic beaches in Belém do Pará to the gargantuan waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu and even other mind-blowing beaches within the state of Rio de Janeiro, you’ll most likely find a nice spot that fits your budget and meets your expectations.

In this piece, we’re going to list the cheapest travel destinations in Brazil, going through specifics such as accommodations fees, plane ticket prices, leisure, and general expenses. I’ll also be throwing in some budget-friendly tips on making your trip even more economical, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Please note that all estimates were based on the day’s exchange rate this article was written (USD 1.00 – BRL 5.14), so there may be some discrepancies depending on when you’re planning to go.

Also, FYI, here’s what we considered to calculate the daily estimates you’ll see in the following topics:

  • 2 daily meals in restaurants (lunch and dinner, as many hotels offer free breakfast service).
  • 4 Uber/Yellow Cab rides per day (considering leaving the hotel twice a day). Be aware that the calculation we did considers only one person paying for the full ride, so the final expense for transportation will be considerably cheaper if you’re sharing.
  • The average price of local touristic spot entrances/rides (for leisure)
  • All plane tickets were calculated with NYC’s JFK as the departing airport, so values may differ depending on where you are departing from.

1 – Arraial do Cabo – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Arraial do Cabo is a small city located just outside the county of Rio de Janeiro. The locals refer to it as the “Brazilian Caribbean” due to its pristine waters and paradisiac beaches.

Although considered a touristic spot for many Brazilians (especially the Cariocas – Rio de Janeiro residents), Arraial do Cabo still manages to be an inexpensive vacation destination, especially if you’re looking for a place to lay back and relax.

This overview of one of Arraial do Cabo‘s many beaches shows why it is referred to as the Brazilian Caribbean. Amazing view, right? – Credit: Flickr | Noel Portugal

How To Get To Arraial do Cabo?

Since the city does not have an airport, the best way to get to Arraial do Cabo is by flying to Rio de Janeiro and taking a travel bus, which should be a 2-hour drive.

Plane Tickets for Rio de Janeiro cost an average of $503.00, and the travel bus from Rio to Arraial do Cabo is usually around $20.00.

If you’re any good with directions, you can also rent a car and drive yourself to Arraial do Cabo. That could cut some road time short and make it more comfortable to move within the city.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Arraial do Cabo?

The best time to travel to Arraial do Cabo is between April and May after Carnaval and the high season ends. However, you’ll still be able to soak up the sun during Fall and enjoy much more amicable prices.

What To Do In Arraial do Cabo?

  • Arraial do Cabo‘s highlight is definitely the boat tours, as they visit five to seven different small islands and beaches nearby. If you’re lucky enough, you may even catch a glimpse of wild animals such as whales, manta rays, and turtles, especially during mating season.

  • The nightlife in Arraial do Cabo isn’t exactly agitated. Still, if you’re looking for a party, you could check out the bars and nightclubs in close towns such as Cabo Frio and Búzios, which are less than 40 minutes away from Arraial do Cabo.

  • There’s a total of 8 different beaches in Arraial do Cabo, which gives you a lot of options if you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from the crowd. Make sure you visit Praia do Forno; it’s absolutely stunning.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Arraial do Cabo?

To give you a close daily estimate on how much one person is looking at spending here, we’ve come up with the following:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 49.00
Transportation$ 7.00
Food $ 10.00
Leisure$ 20.00
Average Daily Expense$ 61.50

If you want to know more about the city, make sure to catch our Complete Guide to Arraial do Cabo, in which we detail everything you need to know about the city!

2 – Porto Seguro – Bahia (BA)

Porto Seguro is one of Brazil’s most sought-after beach destinations, mostly because the county is divided into six equally charming districts, especially Trancoso, Arraial d’Ajuda, and Caraíva.

Located in the Northeastern portion of the Brazilian country, Porto Seguro is one of the cheapest destinations in that region, not only in terms of general expenditures but also in regard to plane airfares.

This is what paradise must look like! I’ve never been to Porto Seguro, but it is definitely on my list of places to go ASAP! – Credit: KAYAK | Getty Images

How To Get To Porto Seguro?

Porto Seguro has its own airport (BPS), and there are direct international flights that can take you there. LATAM Airlines is the biggest airline flying to Porto Seguro.

Airplane tickets to Porto Seguro cost around $580.00 to $610.00.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Porto Seguro?

The best time to travel to Porto Seguro would be between April, May, August, September, and November, which are considered the low season period. Airplane tickets to Porto Seguro cost around $560.00.

What To Do In Porto Seguro?

  • Porto Seguro has a historic center located in the upper portion of the city (Cidade Alta). In addition, several tour guides will be able to take you to really cool spots, such as the Fortim Observatory and the Matriz Nossa Senhora da Penha church.
  • If you’re planning to stay at least a week in Porto Seguro, it’s worth visiting the jaw-dropping beaches in Trancoso, Arraial d’Ajuda Caraíva. You’ll find many guides with tour packages that visit those places, so keep an eye out for them if you’re interested.
  • Aside from its own beautiful natural beaches, Porto Seguro also houses an indigenous native preservation area called Reserva da Jaqueira. You can visit the tribe and know their culture and lifestyle, making for a real cultural experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Porto Seguro?

We did a little digging to give you a close estimate on how much you’ll be spending in Porto Seguro (daily expense for one person), and here’s what we came up with:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 52.00
Transportation$ 10.00
Food$ 10.00
Leisure$ 23.50
Average Daily Expense$ 69.00

3. Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná (PR)

Foz do Iguaçu (pronounced “Iguazu”) is located in the south portion of the Brazilian country and houses one of the World’s 7 Wonders of Nature, the Iguaçu Waterfalls. And if that wasn’t enough, it also harbors the Iguaçu National Park, which is considered a World Heritage Site.

Aside from all the nature-related activities, Foz do Iguaçu also makes borders with Argentina and Paraguay, so you could potentially visit 3 different countries in just one strike!

Imagine witnessing this in real life: the Iguaçu Waterfalls are a thrilling gift of nature – Credit: WikiCommons | Igor Tostes

How To Get To Foz do Iguaçu

You can travel directly to Foz do Iguaçu’s International Airpot (IGU), located about 8 miles away from downtown. As the city borders Argentina and Paraguay, you could also opt to fly to those places, depending on your travel itinerary or ticket prices.

Considering your arrival at the IGU Airport, plane tickets cost around $620.00.

When Is The Best Time to Fly to Foz do Iguaçu?

The low season period is the best time to visit Foz do Iguaçu, which starts in March and extends all the way till June. Having that said, February is the best month to buy your plane tickets, as they are considerably cheaper during that month.

What To Do in Foz do Iguaçu?

  • Aside from the previously mentioned Foz do Iguaçu National Park and the Iguaçu Waterfalls, the place also houses a 17-acre Bird Park, which serves as a preservation area for rare tropical birds. It also has a Butterfly Center for hundreds of species and a Reptile Area for snakes and alligators.
  • On the Brazilian side of the National Park, you’ll find the Macuco Safari, a thrilling boat ride through the Cataracts, whereas, on the Argentinian side, you can have pretty much the same experience in the Gran Aventura. So make your choice and go wild!
  • If you want a breathtaking view of the whole scenery, you can also go on a helicopter ride around Foz do Iguaçu. The prices aren’t that accessible if you’re traveling on a tight budget, but definitely worth it if you’re a fan of heights.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Foz do Iguaçu?

Here are the estimates on how much you’re looking at spending per person in Foz do Iguaçu:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 30.50
Transportation$ 5.00
Food$ 10.00
Leisure$ 45.00
Average Daily Expense (per person)$ 75.00

4. Guarapari – Espírito Santo (ES)

If you dream of enjoying beautiful shores with close to no one around to disturb your relaxing time, I’m pretty sure one of Guarapari’s 50+ beaches will be able to grant your wish.

Aside from the natural beauties, Guarapari also has great city infrastructure and delicious gastronomy, making this trip a sure-fire hit for both nature and comfort-lovers.

Dawn at one of Guarapari’s 52 beaches: perfect spot for some relaxing me-time! – Credit: WikiCommons | Patricia Rodrigues

How To Get To Guarapari?

To get to Guarapari, you can take a flight directly to the city, as it has its own self-called airport (GUZ). If you can’t get any flights to this one, the second nearest airport is in Vitória (VIX), a 1-hour drive from Guarapari.

Flights to Guarapari (or Vitória) for one person cost around $535.00.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Guarapari?

Guarapari’s high season period extends from December to March, so expect most ratings and prices to be higher than usual.

Since the city’s main attractions are diving-related due to its crystal clear waters, the best time to enjoy everything Guarapari has to offer (and for a more reasonable price) is between April and May.

What To Do In Guarapari?

  • Well, getting to know at least a few of the over 50 beaches in Guarapari is a given. Praia dos Namorados, Praia da Areia Preta and Praia dos Padres are just a few of the best beaches in Guarapari.
  • The highlight of the local cuisine is definitely the fish courses. If you’ve never tried a traditional Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba (stew), head to the Meaípe beach, and you’re in for a treat.
  • You can also visit the local free touristic attractions such as the Pedra do Elefante Observatory, the Primeira Matriz Church, and many other instagrammable spots you’ll find there.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Guarapari?

Here are the estimates for a trip to Guarapari for one person:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 39.00
Transportation$ 10.00
Food$ 14.00
Leisure$ 30.00
Average Daily Expense (per person)$ 70.00

5. Canoa Quebrada – Aracati (CE)

Ceará is best known for Jericoacoara, a beach that was once named one of the best in the world by the Washington Post. However, along with the fame, the prices to Jericoacoara also skyrocketed, leaving its less-famous but just an as beautiful sister, Canoa Quebrada beach, almost as a hidden gem on the Ceará coast.

Think emerald green waters, movie-like red cliffs, and deep blue skies, and you get Canoa Quebrada. Aside from the incredible scenery, the city also has great infrastructure, even on the beach, with many vendors and kiosks nearby.

White sands, blue waters and a whole lot to do in Canoa Quebrada – Credit: Flickr | Otávio Nogueira

How To Get To Canoa Quebrada?

There’s no airport in the city, the nearest one being 108 miles away, in Fortaleza (FOR). So to get to Canoa Quebrada, you must fly to Fortaleza and then either catch a bus or rent a car to get there.

Flights to Fortaleza usually go around $530.00, and the travel bus to Canoa Quebrada costs a little under $10.00.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Canoa Quebrada?

The best time to travel to Canoa Quebrada is during low season periods, extend from April till May and September to October. The city gets pretty quiet and empty during that time, so if you’re also looking for parties and night-outs, it’s best to go during the summer, in January or February.

What to Do in Canoa Quebrada?

Canoa Quebrada literally gives you wild options for you to enjoy yourself in the ocean, on the ground, and even on air.

  • If you’re willing to explore the open sea on a wild raft ride, well, you can in Canoa Quebrada! The raft rides are historical in Ceará, with Orson Wells even registering the saga of 4 jangadeiros (how the raft boat pilots are called in Brazil) as they went from Ceará to Rio de Janeiro on a raft.
  • If you want to get a little bit more radical, you can also try paragliding! There’s a kiosk on Canoa Quebrada that offers a chance to see the whole coast from up above, with all the necessary equipment and safety measures.
  • Now, if you want to stick to firm ground but still want to make the most of your trip here, definitely try the buggy rides through the dunes in Canoa Quebrada! They last about an hour, and you get to see many beautiful spots around the coast.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Canoa Quebrada?

The basic daily costs for one person to go to Canoa Quebrada are the following:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 51.00
Transportation$ 10.00
Food$ 15.00
Leisure$ 25.00
Average Daily Expense (per person)$ 75.00

6. Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais (MG)

Ouro Preto is the perfect destination if you’re not particularly fond of beaches and the ocean. It’s a historic city filled with beautiful architecture and very culturally rich, ideal for some downtime away from hectic everyday life.

If you’re planning on a longer stay, you might as well rent a car and visit the other historic cities next to Ouro Preto, like Congonhas, São João Del Rei, and Tiradentes, as they are equally wondrous and intriguing.

The sunset colors highlight the city’s beautiful antique architecture – Credit: WikiCommons | Plínio Daniel

How To Get To Ouro Preto?

There are no airports in Ouro Preto. To get there, you ought to land in the Belo Horizonte airport (Confins – CNF) and take a travel bus to Ouro Preto, which is about 82 miles away (about a 2-hour drive). You could also cut a bit of that dislocation time by renting a car at the airport and driving to Ouro Preto yourself.

Airplane tickets to Belo Horizonte cost $508.00, and the travel bus fee to Ouro Preto is just $8.00.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Ouro Preto?

Wintertime in Brazil (June to September) is the best time to visit Ouro Preto; you’ll find much lower prices and feed around town, as well as fewer tourists, making it a better experience getting to know the place overall.

During that season, the city also holds the annual Winter Festival, with many local artists and delicacies (prices can potentially move up slightly during this festivity in particular).

What To Do In Ouro Preto?

Ouro Preto has dozens of tourist attractions, the main one being visiting the local churches. Not only for religious reasons, but these churches are almost museum-like, with their impeccable colonial baroque architecture (labored by famous Brazilian names such as Aleijadinho and Manuel Francisco Lisboa.

During the colonial times, Ouro Preto was famous for its gold mines, which some, although with no more gold, still exist to this day and can be explored in a touristic train ride.

Minas Gerais is a state famous for its culinary, and Ouro Preto does not disappoint. If you want my advice, go to a local restaurant and ask for a shot of cachaça to start, then try the local delicacies like torresmo, tutu, galinha ao molho pardo, and feijão tropeiro.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Ouro Preto?

Here’s the provisions we made for a person’s daily expenses in Ouro Preto:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 30.00
Transportation$ 15.00
Food$ 10.00
Leisure$ 10.00
Average Daily Expense (per person)$ 60.00

7. São Paulo – São Paulo (SP)

Yes, it is possible to visit one of Brazil’s major cities and still keep the budget in check. São Paulo holds many free touristic attractions, as well as tons of options of restaurants and bars for you to eat big and spend little.

It’s also possible to find good accommodation fees all throughout the year, especially if you check on hostels, which usually have great deals for pretty neat lodging.

Top view of the São Paulo skyline at night – Credit: Flickr | Andre Deak

How To Get To São Paulo?

The best way to get to São Paulo is through the city’s international airport in Guarulhos (GRU). Pretty much all (if not all) international airlines have daily flights to São Paulo, keep a tracker on your favorite company to be updated on the best flying deals, and you’re set. A plane ticket to São Paulo costs $500.00.

When Is The Best Time To Go To São Paulo?

You’ll enjoy São Paulo the most from March to June and/or from September to December. The city is famous for its rainy climate throughout the year, but the weather gets much more nice and pleasant around those periods.

What To Do In São Paulo?

Well, we could literally write a full post about this (and we will!), but if we’re thinking about more budget-friendly options, São Paulo stills hold its own and will keep you busy during your stay.

  • Just walking around through Avenida Paulista (one of the city’s main attractions) is a standout on its own. Still, this long boulevard also holds a bunch of cultural centers and museums, like MASP, Japan House, and Instituto Moreira Salles.
  • If you’d like to see the whole city from above, you can take a tour to visit a few of São Paulo’s skyscrapers, like the Itália, Chopin, and Martinelli buildings and the SESC Observatory. Some of them even throw in a cocktail with the tour purchase.
  • São Paulo is a great place to eat good food and not shell out. Definitely visit the city’s Mercado Municipal (you’ll sample a ton of different favors here – for free!), and always check out the food truck parks nearby; they usually are packed with different types of chow.

And if you happen to be in São Paulo on a rainy day, no worries! Take a look at our 12 things to do on a Rainy Day in São Paulo post, and you’ll certainly won’t get bored in your hotel room!

How Much Does It Cost to Go to São Paulo?

Here’s what we came up with while calculating the daily expenses for one person in São Paulo:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 34.00
Transportation (per day)$ 20.00
Food (per meal)$ 10.00
Leisure (per person)$ 10.00
Average Daily Expense (per person)$ 57.00

8. Barreirinhas – Maranhão (MA)

The Lake Bedsprings region in Maranhão (or Lençóis Maranhenses as they’re known here in Brazil) is famous for its temporary lakes, which look like giant jewels after the rain period under the sun due to its immaculate clear waters.

The place looks like a dream, and the general expenses are still reasonably low. Barreirinhas is the starting point to get to know the area, as the city offers great accommodations options and ride fees for a fair price.

The sunset in Barreirinhas as seen from the Preguiças Beach – Credit: Sunrise Maplogs

How To Get to Barreirinhas?

Barreirinhas does have its own airport, but it only takes chartered flights from São Luis, and these are really expensive. That way, the best way to get to Barreirinhas is to take a flight to São Luis‘ International Airport (SLZ) and then catch a travel bus to Barreirinhas.

You can also hire a shared transfer ride to Barreirinhas (in small vans or micro-buses), which are a tad more expensive, but worth it if you’re traveling with a larger group.

The plane ticket to São Luiz costs around $620.00 and the transfer to Barreirinhas is $15.00.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Barreirinhas?

The city has well-defined rain and drought periods, so the best time to go to Barreirinhas would be right after the rainy season ends, in late May, early June. All the lakes will be filled up, and you’ll probably get sunnier days then.

What To Do In Barreirinhas?

  • Many short tour rides visit nearby lakes, and there’s even a longer tour called Rota das Emoções that crosses the border of 2 other Brazilian states, Piauí and Ceará. The ride’s name loosely translates into Route of Emotions, and judging by the scenery, no name fits better.
  • You can visit the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a preservation area filled with natural beauties and a paradisiac background. The sunset looks absolutely amazing between the white dunes, which will surely give you some unforgettable moments.
  • During June and July, you can also catch the São João Festivities, a traditional local party that’s a lot of fun and has tons of delicious typical food. The Bumba Meu Boi dance we’ve approached on this piece is a tradition during these festivities.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Barreirinhas?

Our estimates for a person’s daily expenses in Barreirinhas are as follow:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 30.00
Transportation$ 10.00
Food$ 12.00
Leisure$ 16.00
Average Daily Expense$ 55.00

9. Olinda – Pernambuco (PE)

Aside from its beautiful shores, Olinda also sports impressive historical importance. It was once the stage of a war between the Dutch and the Portuguese during the colonial times in the 1600s’, the reason why it is so culturally rich nowadays.

The city is also very famous for its typical Carnaval parade, which is different from the world-famous Rio de Janeiro. If that’s not enough to sharpen your curiosity, Olinda also has delicious typical culinary, as well as a pretty agitated nightlife.

One of Olinda’s historical sites, the Palácio dos Governadores, during the Carnaval festivities – Credit: WikiCommons | Credit: Flickr | Prefeitura de Olinda

How to Get to Olinda?

Olinda does not have its own airport, but the nearest one is just under 7 miles away, in Recife. The best way to travel to Olinda is by taking a flight to Recife’s Guarapés International Airport (REC) and taking a travel bus to Olinda.

The estimate for a flight to REC Airport is around $570.00, and the travel bus to Olinda is just under a buck (yes, just one dollar!).

When Is The Best Time to Go to Olinda?

April and May are the best months to go to Olinda, as you’ll get beautiful sunny days and a lot of good deals during the low season period. Avoid going there during June and July; they’re pretty heavy on rain and storms.

What To Do In Olinda?

  • There are many tourist spots in Olinda, like the Caixa d’Água Observatory and the Museum of Contemporary Art. There are also a lot of galleries and studios to visit, such as the São Salvador Gallery.
  • Ever heard of a Brazilian delicacy called Tapioca? Well, Pernambuco is its birthplace, so get ready to try a traditional tapioca Nordestina. Not only that, but you should also try getting acarajé and other local dishes in the street fair in Alto da Sé.
  • Carnaval officially starts in February in most of Brazil, but it feels like it never ends in this city. Way early in late August early September, you can already catch a few Carnaval preview parades in Olinda, and things only get more excited getting near February!

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Olinda?

The average daily expense for one person for a trip to Olinda is:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 33.00
Transportation$ 15.00
Food$ 11.50
Leisure$ 7.00
Average Daily Expense$ 52.00

10. Curitiba – Paraná (PR)

Located in the south of Brazil, Curitiba is a beautiful city famous for its free walking tours. Meaning, if you’re on a tight budget, Curitiba has enough charge-free touristic attractions to keep you busy for days.

Know by Brazilian locals for its vast green fields, beautiful flowers, and unstable weather (never leave without an umbrella, you never know!), Curitiba has beautiful architecture and features a lot of nice places to feast your eyes on!

Curitiba’s Botanical Garden is just one of many green parks you can visit for free – Credit: WikiCommons | Hicham El Banine

How To Get To Curitiba?

The best way to get to Curitiba is through the city’s international airport, Afonso Pena (CWB). Plane tickets to Curitiba cost around $560.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Curitiba?

Curitiba can be rainy and cold at times, so unless you like that kind of weather, don’t come to the city from June to October.

If you’re thinking about going on sunny days (ideal weather to visit all the flower fields and open gardens), the best time to go to Curitiba is either in April or November.

What to Do In Curitiba?

  • Curitiba is almost like a big free walking tour. Almost everywhere you go, you’ll stumble into beautiful architecture, historical sites, and giant parks filled with green and flowers. You’ll inevitably run into some Capibaras; they’re famous there!
  • Just like São Paulo, Curitiba has its own Mercado Municipal, a huge market in which you’ll be able to try many types of good food. If you’re into good beer, the city has tons of artisanal beer makers, so keep an eye out for those in local bars.
  • Curitiba houses the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), which exhibits pieces from Andy Warhol, Tarsila do Amaral, Portinari, and, of course, from Mr. Niemeyer himself. The Paranaense Museum is another place the art lovers should definitely stop by as well!

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Curitiba?

Here are the daily provisions for a trip for one person to Curitiba:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$ 23.00
Transportation$ 20.00
Food$ 25.00
Leisure$ 0.00
Average Daily Expense$ 58.00

11. Maragogi – Alagoas (AL)

The coast in the Alagoas state is stunning, almost in its entirety. Luckily, Maragogi is not only drop-dead gorgeous but also much more economical and budget-friendly compared to others.

If you’re planning on a longer stay, a good idea is to visit Maceió or Porto de Galinhas, two cities “close” to Maragogi, which are also trendy destinations among Brazilians.

No subtitles necessary for this one! – Credit: WikiCommons | Legacy600

How to Get to Maragogi

The city does not have an airport, so your best option to get to Maragogi would be flying to Recife’s or Maceió’s airports and catching a travel bus there.

Recife’s International Airport (REC) has a bigger range of flights, so you’ll probably get a better deal trying there (as the airfare isn’t exactly cheap – $570.00).

When Is The Best Time to Go to Maragogi?

After Carnaval ends in late February/early March, Maragogi’s low season starts, but unfortunately, so does the rainy period. With that in mind, the best time to go to Maragogi would be in October, since you’ll get sunny weather and better prices.

What to Do In Maragogi?

  • Visiting the natural pools is a must here, and you have three choices here in Maragogi; Galés, Taoca, and Barra Grande. They are almost identical to one another, so if you have visited one, consider all of them visited per se.
  • To get that perfect Instagram shot, head up to the Cruzeiro Observatory, inside the Alto Cruzeiro Inn. For less than a buck, you’ll be able to see the whole place from above, and the view is breathtaking.
  • You can visit close places such as Japatininga, the neighboring county with just as beautiful beaches as Maragogi, but far fewer people. Ideal place for those days you want to spend away from the crowd.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Maragogi?

Here are the daily estimates we calculated for a one-person trip to Maragogi:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$45.00
Transportation$ 8.00
Food$ 19.00
Leisure$ 10.00
Average Daily Expense$ 60.00

12. Imbituba – Santa Catarina (SC)

In between two other highlights on the coast of Santa Catarina (Garopaba and Laguna), Imbituba is a famous destination for sports lovers. The Praia Rosa beach attracts many surfers and kitesurfers in Brazil, even being voted once one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

Praia da Vila in Imbituba – Credit: WikiCommons | Antônio João

How to Get to Imbituba?

Imbituba lacks the size to have its own airport, the closest one being in Florianópolis. The best way to get to the city is to fly to Florianópolis International Airport (FNL) and catch a bus to Imbituba, which is just under 60 miles away (1h 30 min) from where you’ll be landing.

Plane tickets to Florianópolis cost around $540.00, and the travel bus fee is $5.00.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Imbituba?

The best time to enjoy all the tourist attractions in Imbatuba would be from July to November. Aside from more fair lodging and airfare prices, you’ll also catch the whale’s mating season, which is a show of its own.

What to Do in Imbituba?

  • Aside from the beaches, a major place to visit in Imbituba would be the Ibiraquera Lagoon, a perfect spot for stand-up paddling and relaxation. The place is also famous for its fishing activities, especially the Brazilian shrimp.
  • Visiting the Areais da Ribanceira community is definitely a must. The community is formed by families who have lived there for decades, living off the planting and harvesting its own means. They have great traditional delicacies and crafts for you to take home as souvenirs!
  • You can head on to the Projeto Baleia Franca’s headquarters, located in the Itapirubá beach. This organization works hard to protect and preserve the whales and even features a real-life whale skeleton for show.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Imbituba?

Here’s what we came up with while calculating the daily costs for one person in Imbituba:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$48.00
Transportation$ 8.00
Food$ 10.00
Leisure$ 5.00
Average Daily Expense$ 50.00

13. Paranaguá – Paraná (PR)

Paranaguá is a charming city on the south side of Brazil, famous for its colonial architecture and ecotourism. So if you’re looking for a destination that unites nature and culture, Paranaguá is the spot for you.

If you’re traveling with the whole family, the city also features the biggest aquarium in the south of the country, as well as museums with historical importance, as they help telling Brazil’s history through original pieces and architectonics.

Credit: PixaBay | Hezaro

How To Get To Paranaguá?

Paranaguá does have its own airport, but it only takes local flights. The best way to get to Paranaguá is by flying to the nearest international airport in Curitiba (CWB) and taking a travel bus to the city.

Plane tickets to Curitiba cost around $560.00, and the bus fee is $7.00. Renting a car is also a good option, as it will give you better mobility within the city.

When Is the Best Time to Go to Paranaguá?

The period extending from March to November would be the best time to go to Paranaguá, economically speaking. The fees are much lower during that season, and you’ll have a better experience getting to know the place overall.

What To Do in Paranaguá?

  • Paranaguá is part of Brazil’s history, as it was the first place in which the Portuguese colonizers stepped into the Paraná state. Its historical tourist spots can be visited within a day, and aside from free, they are fascinating to know.
  • The Paranaguá Bay is very rich in marine fauna, featuring lots of dolphins, different types of fishes, and birds. You can catch all of that and some of the nearby islands by taking a boat ride on the city’s docks.
  • There’s a native indigenous preservation area in the Cotinga Island. The Mbyá Guarani natives still live there, and you can visit the Nossa Senhora das Mercês Church, built in 1677.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Paranaguá?

The daily expenses for a one-person trip to Paranaguá are as follow:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$35.00
Transportation$ 8.00
Food$ 15.00
Leisure$ 15.00
Average Daily Expense$ 56.00

14. Tamandaré – Pernambuco (PE)

Tamandaré is a small coastal town in Pernambuco where luxury resorts coexist with small charming inns and hotels. Aside from its cheaper alternatives, Tamandaré also has far less busy beaches than Porto de Galinhas, its famous neighboring town.

The city’s postcard is a small colonial church located in Praia dos Carneiros, which was named by Skyscanner last year as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

I mean, really! Just by looking at this makes me want to start planning my own trip (maybe I will!) – Credit: Flickr | Vi Neves

How To Get To Tamandaré

The city doesn’t have an airport, so the best way to get to Tamandaré is by flying to Recife’s International Airport (REC) and taking a travel bus from there.

Ticket planes to Recife cost $570.00, and you’ll be paying less than $5 bucks to board on the travel bus to Tamandaré.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Tamandaré?

The best time to visit Tamandaré is between July and October, as the weather is at its best during that time (especially in mid-September.

What To Do In Tamandaré?

  • As we stated earlier, the Carneiros beach is the most famous in Tamandaré, for obvious reasons: refreshing natural pools, different kinds of fish swimming in the crystal waters, and a view that can make your heart skip a beat!
  • If you want to get away from the crowd, you can visit the other beautiful beaches in Tamandaré, such as the Boca da Barra and Campa‘s beach. You can also take a boat tour and visit nearby islands, like the Santo Aleixo island.
  • There’s a military fort (Forte de Santo Inácio de Loyola) built in the 17th century, which is open for visitation. There’s a coffee shop inside and a gift store filled with artisanal crafts for you to buy souvenirs.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Tamandaré?

A single person’s trip to Tamandaré can include the following daily expenses:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$48.00
Transportation$ 8.00
Food$ 10.00
Leisure$ 10.00
Average Daily Expense$ 52.00

15. Vitória – Espírito Santo (ES)

Vitória is another destination that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser: it has beautiful beaches, the city is well developed with a lot of leisure options, and the nightlife is also pretty agitated. So if you feel like going to a place where you can do a little bit of everything, Vitória has your back.

I lived in Vitória for 2 years when I was a kid, and all I can say is that some places there (like Ilha do Boi) are just unforgettable. The city is also big on the Carnaval celebrations, having a second parade in the 2nd semester in addition to the regular party in February for many years (1994-2006).

The Vitória Bridge is one of the town’s landmarks – Credit: WikiCommons | Victor Hugo Campos

How To Get To Vitória?

The best way to get to Vitória is through the city’s international airport, Eurico de Aguiar Sales (VIX). Plane tickets cost around $545.00.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Vitória?

The city has great weather throughout most of the year, except during the period from October to January, in which strong rainy clouds are regnant in Vitória.

To make the most of the city, the best time to go to Vitória would be during the summertime, from December to March.

What To Do In Vitória?

  • If you like fish courses, Vitória’s cuisine will not let you down. Being a coastal town with strong fishing activities, you’ll get to try amazing dishes for a very fair price. Carangueijo do Assis is a famous restaurant in Vila Velha (a county in Vitória) famous for its delicious crab.
  • Want to escape the hot weather and get somewhere cooler? No problem! Just head to Domingos Martins, a city located in the mountain area of Espírito Santo, just one hour away from Vitória. The German and Italian influences are powerful in the city’s architecture, cuisine, and habits.
  • Vitória was founded in 1551, and therefore, has an older historical center than cities like Ouro Preto and São Paulo. The local town hall makes tour guides available for the general public every day of the week (even on holidays!).

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Vitória?

The daily general expenses for a single person planning to visit Vitória are the following:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$39.00
Transportation$ 12.00
Food$ 13.00
Leisure$ 10.00
Average Daily Expense$45.00

16. Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais (MG)

One of my favorite Brazilian states, Minas Gerais, is a big city with a country flavor. The people are very friendly, the food is bonkers, and there’s a lot of places to visit both within and outside town.

As we previously discussed while going through the best gay-friendly destinations in Brazil, the city also offers great options for the LGBTQIA+.public and a lot of cultural tours and outdoor activities.

Pampulha’s Lagoon and Museum – Credit: WikiCommons | Carmeladgl

How To Get to Belo Horizonte?

The best way to get to Belo Horizonte is through the city’s international airport in Confins (Tancredo Neves – CNF). The airport is 1 hour away from downtown and features several buses to take you downtown.

When Is The Best Time to Go to Belo Horizonte?

Since it’s not a beach destination, you don’t have to worry too much about the rain and the cold, although sunny days always make for a better trip, right?

Having that said, the best time to go to Belo Horizonte is between April and May, as you’ll get more reasonable lodging prices and experience the Comida di Buteco festival, a culinary event with the best finger food and bar snacks around.

What To Do In Belo Horizonte?

  • We’ve probably mentioned this every time we talk about Belo Horizonte, but taking some time to make a road trip to Inhotim is something I can’t stress enough. It’s located just one hour away from BH, and you’ll probably need more than one day to visit all the art installations there (trust me, the place is B-I-G).
  • If you still want to look at some art but don’t feel like taking too long to get there, Belo Horizonte has over 14 museums open for visitation, such as the Fashion Museum (Museu da Moda de BH) and the Metal and Mining Museum.
  • For outdoor activity lovers, make sure you visit the Liberdade Square and the Pampulha Lagoon, two staples in Belo Horizonte’s tourism. Watching a soccer game in the Mineirão Stadium is also a pretty neat option if you get the chance.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Belo Horizonte?

The daily estimates for a one-person trip to Belo Horizonte are:

Accommodations (for 2 people)$29.00
Transportation$ 13.00
Food$ 11.00
Leisure$ 10.00
Average Daily Expense$49.00

That’s it for our cheap destinations in Brazil! I hope we could shed some light on the variety of Brazilian budget-friendly destinations, as well as give you close estimates on how much you’re looking at spending in each of them!

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