X Best Neighborhoods To Visit/Live in Florianópolis

If you know about Florianópolis (in Santa Catarina), then you probably think that the city is all about beaches and tanning. Well, although that is indeed one of the city’s main highlights, Florianópolis is also a place with very good infrastructure, with many outstanding neighborhoods to accommodate yourself while on vacation in Brazil.

In this post we are going to go over the best neighborhoods in Florianópolis, highlighting all the pros and cons, talk about the main attractions in each of them (like bars and restaurants), how well-located are each district on the list, and the best place to stay!

1. Agronômica

The Beira Mar Norte Avenue in Florianópolis is a popular stop in the neighborhood, used by residents as a place for practicing physical activities. At night, it also gets pretty crowded, as it houses a lot of bars and restaurants with an ocean view – Credit: Flickr | Rodrigo Soldon

The Agronomica district is predominantly residential, but with a few good options for shopping and leisure areas. On Beira Mar Avenue (one of the district’s most well-known spots), there is a good place for buying fresh and local produce.

Slowly but surely, Agronômica has been on a constant growth in terms of infrastructure, mainly because it’s been one of the main real estate speculations in the city. The neighborhood also is home to Palácio da Agronômica, the official residence of the state governor.


The Agronômica district is one of the most beloved regions for those who love culture, as it is one of the neighborhoods near the Center of Florianópolis. The Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC) is located in the region, which is a complex that brings together:

  • the Santa Catarina Art Museum (MASC)
  • the Image and Sound Museum (Museu da Imagem e Som – MIS)
  • the Nossa Senhora do Desterro Film Club
  • the Espaço Lindolf Bell,
  • the Ademir Rosa Theater
  • the Santa Catarina Symphonic Orchestra
  • and the Academia Catarinense de Letras (ACL).

It is also very close to Beira Mar Norte Avenue, where you can take a good walk along the shores, ride your bike, sit at one of the kiosks to enjoy the ocean view, or use the place for outdoor exercise. Along the Beira Mar Norte Avenue, you can also find the Catarinense Tennis Federation, where you could watch a few matches, or maybe even play a little!


There are great places to eat in Agronômica. According to the top-rated local restaurants by Google, here are a few options according to the different types of cuisine:

Italian Restaurants

  • Macarronada Italiana
  • Artusi Restaurante
  • Pizzeria Milano

Japanese Restaurants

  • Black Sheep Sushi Bar
  • Nipô Sushi

Buffet Restaurants

  • Beira Mar Grill
  • Família Tagliari
  • Restaurante Quintal 206

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • La Cave – especializes in tapas
  • Shawarmeria Arabian Food
  • La Bohème Restaurante – especializes in sweets and desserts
  • Mirantes Restaurant – especializes in typical Brazilian food

Best Bars and Clubs in Agronômica

  • Sete Club
  • Cervejaria Devassa Floripa
  • The Roof
  • Jivago Social Club
  • Fields Floripa


Safety and security are also highlights of the Agronômica district in Florianópolis. As it is a big residential area, investments in security systems are high. The fact that the neighborhood is pretty close to the beaches also contributes to the area being more closely watched, as the flow of people becomes more intense in these regions.


Although the Agronômica district is located on the island portion of Florianópolis, it is pretty easy to access, and it is also very close to the downtown area of Florianópolis. It is also pretty near Trindade, another great district we’ll discuss more thoroughly later on in this article.

Closest Districts: Centro (2,9 miles) | Trindade (3,1 miles)
Closest Beaches: Lagoa da Conceição (7,4 miles) | Praia Mole (9,3 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (10 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (7,4 miles) | Praia do Campeche (10,8 miles)
Main Distances: Centro and Bus Station – 3 miles | Airport – 12,5 miles

2. Campeche

The Campeche beach is located right in the middle of two other great beaches, namely Joaquina and Morro das Pedras beaches. It is also pretty close to Lagoa da Conceição, where the nightlife is more agitated and diverse – Credit: Dreamstime | Alena Zharava

The Campeche neighborhood is located in the south portion of Fortaleza’s main island (as the city is divided between the continental size and the main island) and houses a long beach with perfect waves for experienced surfers and other water sports lovers.

Speaking of nature, the Campeche district is also filled with many trails within its limits, as well as many vegetarian and vegan restaurants around. The city’s main avenue (Avenida Pequeno Príncipe) is filled with convenience stores, restaurants, and pizza parlors, being a great place to go out at night.


The main attraction is definitely the strong waves at the Campeche beach, great for surfing. But the beach is also a pretty nice place to just relax and sunbathe, especially since the area is usually deserted in some parts of the shore.

At the Riozinho portion of the beach, it’s pretty common to see people playing paddleball and kitesurfing, so if you are into beach sports, this is definitely the place for you. From the Campeche beach, there are also small boats that depart for small trips towards the traditional Campeche Island, in which you’ll be able to enjoy white warm sand, great seafood, and go trekking with the local guides.


Housing one of the most famous beaches in Florianópolis, rest assure that the infrastructure in regards to bars and restaurants is nothing but great. According to TripAdvisor and Google, here are the main highlights according to the different types of gastronomy you can find in Campeche:

Best Burgers in Campeche

  • Âncora Sandubar
  • IL Macellaio Hamburgueria
  • Rock Burguer

Pizza Parlors

  • Santa Redonda Pizzaria
  • Pizzarium Pizza Artesanal
  • Bem Vindo Pizzaria

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Mercado Sehat – Thai food
  • Gastro Beef – especializes in Brazilian Barbecue
  • Fogão Gastronomia – contemporary food

Best Bars in Campeche

  • Zeca Bar & Restaurante
  • O Pátio Biergarten
  • Sufocos Bar
  • Floripão
  • Tarsila Cocktail Bar


Due to the fact that the Campeche beach attracts a lot of surfers and beachgoers, the district has a busy everyday life, which means that the policing in the area is reinforced. The Campeche district is also full of luxury condos and has good infrastructure, with health services, schools, shopping, and cultural centers; which makes it even more valued (and therefore, protected).


Closest Districts: Rio Tavares (2,4 miles) | Armação do Pântano do Sul (5,2 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia do Campeche | Praia da Joaquina (8,6 miles) | Praia do Morro das Pedras (2,4 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and Bus Station – 5,3 miles | Airport – 4,9 miles

3. Coqueiros

The beautiful Praia do Meio is just one of the three beaches housed by the Coqueiros shores. Aside from the many beautiful outdoor locations, the district is also known for its diverse gastronomy, especially in the locally famous Coqueiros Via Gastronômica – Credit: WikiCommons | Fernando Gonzaga2

Coqueiros is a great neighborhood located on the mainland side of Florianópolis and is considered one of the noblest and most traditional in the capital of Santa Catarina. The district houses many parks and green areas, as well as great restaurants and leisure options.

Although it has a predominantly residential profile, the neighborhood houses several high-end properties and one of the best urban infrastructures in the city. And despite being located in the mainland region of Florianópolis, it is possible to get to the island portion fairly easily and quickly, through the Pedro Ivo Campos Bridge.


As we said earlier, the parks around the district are a great place for leisure and outdoor fun. Near the entrance to the neighborhood, you will find the Parque de Coqueiros, which houses bike lanes, walking paths, a lake, a children’s playground with toys, a huge field, an outdoor gym, various sports courts, restrooms, and a parking lot. So if you are a fan of outside activities, this is definitely the place for you.

And of course, being a coastal district, the (three) beaches are also one of the main highlights. The first, Praia do Riso, has a rather small sand strip, which could be an issue on more crowded days. But don’t worry, as Praia da Saudade and Praia do Meio, have much larger and wider sand strips, so you will definitely find a good place to sunbathe in either one of them.


Coqueiros houses an important and big gastronomic center with the district’s main avenue (Engenheiro Max de Souza) possibly featuring everything you could imagine in terms of bars and restaurants. Here are a few highlights of the locally famous Coqueiros Via Gastronômica:

Italian Restaurants

  • Di Taroni Trattoria
  • Il Pepe Nero
  • Chico Toicinho Pizzaria

Seafood Restaurants

  • Jun Temakeria
  • Rancho Açoriano
  • Sushic Restaurante

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Confeitaria Krauss – a local bakery that especializes in traditional Brazilian sweets
  • Comidaria Gourmet – buffet restaurant by day, especializes in crepes at night
  • Gourmet Burguer Market – especializes in out of the box recipes for burgers
  • Oro Giallo Polenteria – especializes in Polenta, a typical Italian dish made with cornflour

Best Bars in Coqueiros

  • Tequilaville
  • Boteco Zé Mané
  • Belgas Bar
  • Trintão Florianópolis
  • Clube do Bola Sports Bar


As it is a region very targeted by families, the Coqueiros neighborhood has pretty tight security, featuring surveillance cameras at various points around the district. It also houses the headquarters of the Municipal Guard of Florianópolis. Rest assured, it is one of the safest places in the whole city.


The Coqueiros neighborhood is very close to the Estrada Geral highway, which provides access to all the main beaches in Florianópolis. The neighborhood’s location also has another great advantage: the view of the South Bay (Baía Sul), one of the most beautiful in the capital.

Closest Districts: Itaguaçu (1,2 miles) | Capoeiras (1,5 miles) | Estreito (2,1 miles) | Centro (2,4 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia do Campeche (10,5 miles) | Praia do Cacupé (11 miles) | Lagoa da Conceição (11,5 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 2,4 miles | Airport – 11,5 miles

4. Córrego Grande

The Horto Florestal Lake, located at the Córrego Grande ecological park is a great place to bring the kids, as the park is very spacious for outdoor activities and also offers a few educational activities to entertain the little (and big!) ones – Credit: Wikicommons | Boaventuravinicius

Córrego Grande is a neighborhood is located in the central region of the island portion of Florianópolis. The main road in Córrego Grande (called João Pio Duarte Silva) houses a good part of the local commerce. In it, you will be able to find restaurants, bars, commercial buildings, gyms, pharmacies, soccer fields, schools, and various types of convenient services.

The name Córrego Grande (which translates to big stream) was given to the district after the river of the same name, which crosses the neighborhood.


One of the main highlights is definitely the Parque Ecológico Córrego Grande (also known as Horto Florestal), a natural park that occupies an area of ​​21 hectares of native vegetation. The park offers several recreational and educational activities for the visitors, so it is a pretty cool place to bring your kids.

The Horto Florestal gives away free native Atlantic Forest seedlings or vegetables to anyone who wants to plant. The park also has a walking trail, picnic (or yoga kiosks), a children’s playground, an outdoor fitness center, and two sand volleyball courts.

And if you are a fan of trails and trekking, the Atlantic Forest at Córrego Grande houses the Poção, a natural pool protected by local governmental entities and which only allows few visitors at a time. There is also a trail that departs from the substation of Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina (CELESC) and goes to Canto da Lagoa, another district in Florianópolis.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also visit the Linear Park, which is a large 3 miles corridor of a green area that borders the river that gives the neighborhood its name. The space also houses a playground for children, walking areas, and a huge wooden walkway with benches and comfortable spaces for picnics.


In the Córrego Grande district, there is no lack of service options such as restaurants, bars, schools, bakeries, and shops of various types. According to Trip Advisor, here are some of the highlights you’ll be able to find around the neighborhood:

Japanese Food / Seafood

  • Koniko
  • O Tao Sushi Bar
  • Coco Bambu Floripa

Traditional Brazilian Food

  • Assados Vó Velha
  • Restaurante O Timoneiro
  • Lila Bistrô Vegetariano
  • Armazém do Córrego

Coffee Houses and Desserts

  • Nicolini Gelato
  • Santo Trigo Cafeteria
  • Gelateria Mondi
  • Café Cultura

Best Bars in Córrego Grande

  • Chopp do Gus
  • Choperia Bayer Bier
  • Acqua Bistro & Wine Bar
  • Tarsila Cocktail Bar

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Forneria Catarina – traditional Italian pizza
  • Bistrô Varanda – Portuguese and European food
  • Dolce Vita Restaurante – Mediterraneum food
  • Soul Brothers Hamburgueria – burgers
  • Kebab Faruk – Arab food


The Córrego Grande district is a region with very active university life, it is a neighborhood that never stops, it is ideal for young people and university students. The advantage of being such a region is that there is almost no violence and it is not dangerous to walk down the street at night.


Living or accommodating yourself in the Córrego Grande district is to be very near routes and avenues that connect you to the Florianópolis downtown area and also to Lagoa da Conceição, a beautiful place filled with Instagrammable landscapes.

Córrego Grande is located between the Pantanal, Trindade, Santa Mônica and Itacorubi districts, and it is also very close to the Iguatemi Mall.

Closest Districts: Trindade (1 mile) | Santa Mônica (1,2 miles) | Pantanal (1,3 miles) | Itacorubi (1,5 miles)
Closest Beaches: Lagoa da Conceição (4,3 miles) | Praia Mole (6,2 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (7 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (7,7 miles) | Praia do Campeche (8,8 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 4,6 miles | Airport – 10 miles

5. Estreito

Credit: WikiCommons – Pedro Soares de Oliveira Neto

The Estreito neighborhood is located in the mainland portion of Florianópolis and is the closest continental district to the island of Santa Catarina. It is a very dynamic region, as it mixes large condominiums and residential buildings with a large number of options in terms of commerce and leisure.

At the core of the neighborhood, you will be able to visit the Orlando Scarpelli Stadium, home of the Figueirense Futebol Clube. The stadium, in addition to hosting the games of the main football championships in the country, also serves as a stage for some of the biggest cultural events in the city.


In terms of outdoor activities, the Bosque Pedro Medeiros Park is a very good option for people of all ages, disposing of ecological trails, nurseries, and picnic areas. And if you are looking to play some sports, the Nossa Senhora de Fátima square has a multi-sport court, a sand soccer court, and a children’s playground.

In addition to both parks, the Estreito district, the Beira Mar Continental avenue is well-known and highly visited by locals, famous for being a place where you can practice several sports. The avenue also houses big events in the city, such as the Floripa Running Marathon and the New Year’s Eve Party.


Along the Estreito district two main avenues (Fúlvio Aducci and Araci Vaz Callado) it is possible to find a vast area of ​​commerce and services. There are large supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as numerous restaurants also permeate the area.

According to TripAdvisor and Google, here are some of the top-rated bars and restaurants around Estreito:

Self Service and Buffet Restaurants

  • Restaurante Tiannes
  • Sabor do Estreito
  • Asahi
  • Flor de Sal Restaurante Gourmet
  • Malaguetas Restaurante

Seafood Restaurants

  • Kiriwoto Sushi Estreito
  • Camarão Express
  • Empório do Braga

Best Bars in Estreito

  • Bar do Érico
  • O Fulano Floripa
  • 2 Andar Lounge Bar
  • Ouro de Minas Bar Emporio

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Ouro de Minas Chopperia & Hamburgueria Artesanal – burger restaurant
  • Dom Biote – pizza restaurant
  • Costela & Galeto – Brazilian barbecue restaurant
  • Guaciara Restaurant – different types of food

It’s worth mentioning that the Estreito district also has a pretty cool food truck park, located at Fúlvio Aducci street. It’s filled with bars and various places to grab a bite (with different types of cuisines), so don’t forget to visit if you don’t know exactly what you’re in the mood for.


The neighborhood is in the mainland region and is perfect for those who need to work and have an easy commute. Despite not being on the island, the distance to the city’s downtown area is less than 4 miles, and you’ll also have easy access to all the beautiful beaches in the Island area.

Overall, getting around the neighborhood is pretty easy and quick, since the main roads that cross the Estreito district are fast and several public transportation lines pass through there.

Closest Neighborhoods: Centro (2,4 miles) | Balneário Camboriú (1,2 miles) | Capoeiras (1,5 miles) | Coqueiros (2,1 km)
Closest Beaches: Campeche Beach (11 miles) | Cacupé Beach (11,5 miles) | Lagoa da Conceição (12 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 2,4 miles | Airport – 12 miles

6. Ingleses do Rio Vermelho

Credit: Flickr – atramos

Ingleses do Rio Vermelho (or just Ingleses) is considered one of the most populated neighborhoods in Florianópolis, being almost labeled as a “small city within the city”. The district has a very good infrastructure, with several markets, schools, gyms, restaurants, and places to go out at night. It is complete and full of options for those who like to be near the hype.

Also very popular amongst tourists, Ingleses do Rio Vermelho is a place that brings together different nationalities and cultures, especially during the summer. In fact, it is in this neighborhood that Praia do Santinho is located, which houses a multi-award-winning and complete tourist complex in the region, called Costão do Santinho Resort.


The highlight in the Ingleses district definitely is the homonymous beach, which attracts visitors of all kinds. The seawater is calmer on the right side of the shore and usually displays good waves for surfers on the left side, which makes it good for both small children as well as adults and surfers.

One of the main attractions of Praia dos Ingleses is the sand dunes, where visitors can rent a sandboard and have fun during the day.

And if you like to walk to explore the natural beauty of the city, you have two great trails to go on at Praia dos Ingleses:

  • The Feiticeira Trail, which connects Praia dos Inglês to Praia Brava. The full trail is about 1,2 miles long, houses six fresh water streams and takes an average of 50 minutes to complete;
  • The COstão dos Ingleses Trail, which takes an average of 30 minutes to complete, has three fresh water sources for those who want to cool off and is just under a mile long

Other than that, if you go towards Santinho Beach, you will be able to find the museum of lithic workshops. In this open-air museum, located in the Ingleses and Santinho Archaeological Park, you can see a presentation on how pre-colonial groups polished stone instruments.

And while still on that visit, you can go to Santinho and see the cave paintings made between one thousand and four thousand years ago, as Florianópolis has one of the richest prehistoric rock collections in the country.


Unfortunately, the nightlife options in the region are a bit slim, but there are still a few good places in Ingleses (especially if you enjoy seafood dishes). There’s a spot in the district called Centrinho dos Ingleses, which is the main point at night. There you can find many bars and restaurants, and it gets especially crowded with tourists during the Summer.

Here are a few of the places you can find in Ingleses do Rio Vermelho:

Seafood Restaurants

  • Canto do Mar
  • Restaurante Paixão de Verão
  • Restaurante Estaleiro
  • Restaurante Badejo
  • Restaurante O Pescador

Pizza Parlors

  • Toscana Restaurante & Pizzaria
  • Pizzaria Cabral
  • Fiori di Zuca Restaurante & Pizzaria

Self Service & Buffet Restaurants

  • Boulevard Gourmet
  • Restaurante Schiavon
  • Doca’s Restaurante
  • Restaurante Dom Vitor

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Churrascaria Gaúcha Ingleses – traditional Brazilian barbecue
  • Na Lenha Hamburgueria – burger restaurant
  • Koniko Temakeria & Sushi Bar – japanese restaurant
  • Cachaça Macotinha – a la carte restaurant

Best Bars in Ingleses do Rio Vermelho

  • Jardim da Esquina
  • HerBier Fusca Rosa
  • Bar da Ana Floripa
  • Steak Beer
  • Templar Bier BrewPub

For those looking for something more sophisticated, you can head to the nearby beaches (Jurerê Internacional and Canasvieiras), where there are bars, restaurants, and good nightclubs, as well as the hottest beach points in the city.


When it comes to overall statistics, Florianópolis tends to show consecutive drops in criminal indicators, constantly being praised for having the highest HDI in Brazil. Unfortunately, the Ingleses district is one of the exceptions.

Despite being a noble region, composed of more than 25,000 inhabitants of the middle and upper classes, the neighborhood has been suffering the consequences of the growth of the local traffic, which according to the Public Defense Office, placed Ingleses in the list of the most violent neighborhoods in Florianópolis in 2017.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting the local Police effort of heavy patrolling the streets in Ingleses do Rio Vermelho in order to reverse this scenario, as the neighborhood is still one of the favorites amongst tourists,


Outro benefício de morar na região de Ingleses é o fácil acesso ao centro de Florianópolis.

Closest Districts: Praia Brava (6,8 miles) | Ponta das Canas (5,2 miles) | Cachoeira do Bom Jesus (3,4 miles) | São João do Rio Vermelho (4,6 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia dos Ingleses | Praia do Santinho (1,8 miles) | Praia da Cachoeira do Bom Jesus (4,9 miles) | Praia de Ponta das Canas (4,9 miles) | Praia Brava (6,8 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 21 miles | Airport – 26,7 miles

7. Itacorubi

Credit: WikiCommons – Sovernigo

The Itacorubi neighborhood is located in the central region of the island portion of Florianópolis, being very near the main road that leads from downtown Florianópolis to Lagoa da Conceição and the beaches to the east.

The district is praised for its good infrastructure since several government agencies in the state (mostly linked to the agricultural, industrial, and energy sectors) are concentrated in the neighborhood. In addition to that, the district also houses a campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).


Housing such a great number of agencies and companies, you would think that the Itacorubi district is a gray, dark, and completely urbanized place. However, most of the area is occupied by the Itacorubi Mangrove, considered the second largest mangrove located in urban perimeter in the country.

In addition to the natural beauty, this important ecosystem is called the nursery of the sea, as it receives many marine species seeking shelter for procreation purposes.

In 2016, the Itacorubi district inaugurated the Parque Jardim Botânico de Florianópolis, an impressive area of ​​19 hectares that serves as an ecological space for community outings and leisure. The park houses a beautiful lake, trails, community gardens, and native and exotic plants.


Housing so many important businesses and economical centers, the Itacorubi district is also home to a lot of nice restaurants and bars. According to TripAdvisor and Google, here are a few of the top-rated places in the region, according to each type of cuisine:

Self Service and Buffet Restaurants

  • Tratto Restaurante & Rotisseria
  • Restaurante São Jorge
  • É Bom Restaurante
  • Santa Monica Gourmet
  • Restaurante Vó Chica

Pizza Parlors

  • Forneria Piedoro
  • Lino’s Pizzaria
  • El Padre

Japanese Restaurants

  • Sushic Express
  • Sushinami

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Restaurante Manaká – especializes in Asian food
  • Chuleta na Tábua – especializes in traditional Brazilian barbecue
  • Empório Capella Restaurante – especializes in Brazilian food
  • Risotteria Suprema Cozinha Mediterrânea – especializes in risotto, a traditional Italian dish
  • Cantinho Da Panqueca – especializes in pancakes
  • Deli Itacorubi – bakery and deli
  • Kebab de Berlim – especializes in Turkish food

Best Bars in Itacorubi

  • Hora K Itacorubi
  • Tarsila Cocktail Bar
  • La Cave Bar
  • Sobradinho Bar
  • Duque’s Cocktail Bar
  • Five Bar & Food


The Itacorubi district is located on the central axis of Florianópolis, very near to access the beaches of the East and the famous Lagoa da Conceição. With fast access roads, it’s the perfect location for those who want to quickly get to places without being forever stuck in traffic.

Furthermore, it is just a few minutes from the city’s downtown area – about 6,2 miles and also has easy access to the SC-401 route, which connects the neighborhood to the beaches of the North of the island and is located just a few minutes away from the Lagoa da Conceição hill.

Closest Districts: Santa Mônica (0,9 miles) | Córrego Grande (1,5 miles) | Lagoa da Conceição (2,7 miles) | João Paulo (2 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia da Lagoa da Conceição (3,7 miles) | Praia Mole (5,5 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (6,2 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (6 miles) | Santo Antônio de Lisboa (7,4 miles) | Praia do Campeche (9,9 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 6,2 miles | Airport – 11,1 miles

8. Jurerê/Jurerê Internacional

Credit: WikiCommons – Rafael Bernardino Mattei

Jurerê is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Florianópolis, and also one of the most expensive places to live in the city. Located in the north of the island (about 16 miles from the city’s downtown area), Jurerê is mainly known for its beautiful beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. Jurerê is popularly divided into two parts:

  • Jurerê Internacional, a famous luxury real estate residential and resort area with luxury homes, aimed at high-income residents
  • Jurerê Tradicional, which is the eastern portion of the neighborhood that existed before and is also known as Jurerê Velho, to differentiate from the other part

The Internacional part of Jurerê was planned to meet all the needs of its residents and has a complete infrastructure that includes schools, big commercial projects, restaurants, and everything that a high-end neighborhood has.

Overall, the district has a complete infrastructure for those who want to stay far away from the rush and hectic pace of the central region of the city. It is also a great place if you want to avoid traffic since there is no need to travel far to find markets, schools, pharmacies, and other convenient establishments.


The main street in Jurerê Internacional is called Avenida dos Búzios, which is filled with luxury residences and buildings, as well as it is where the Jurerê Open Shopping is located, a space that concentrates a large part of the region’s commerce.

In another important avenue in the district (Avenida dos Dourados), you’ll be able to find the Jurerê Sports Center, which offers various sports for practitioners of all ages. In addition, the center also houses has a restaurant whose menu includes everything from breakfast to happy hour.

However, the biggest attraction of the Jurerê definitely is the Jurerê beach, with its white sands and green emerald waters. The landscape is pretty paradisiac, with the sailboats adding a sophisticated flair to the place. On the shores, the Passeio dos Namorados (Lovers Promenade) is a charming sidewalk where residents and tourists take the opportunity to jog, walk around, or simply admire the beach.

Nightlife in Jurerê is also very popular. If you are the type of person who likes to go out and enjoy the night, enjoy good food or good clubs (which we’ll take a closer look at in the following topic), staying in Jurerê should be a great fit.


Being such a prominent touristic destination, you can bet that the bars and restaurants around Jurerê Internacional are not going to leave you disappointed. Here are some of the best places in the district:

Self Service and Buffet Restaurants

  • Estação 261
  • Ponto Restaurante & Café
  • Restaurante La Fontana
  • Restaurante Lucia Bistrô
  • Cris Restaurante

Burger Restaurants

  • Jurerê Beach Burguer
  • Garage Burguer
  • Na Brasa Jurerê
  • Floripa Burguer

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • 300 Cosmo Beach Club – lounge bar that especilizes in brunch and cocktails
  • Jay Bistrô – intimate bistro with sophisticated courses and desserts
  • Meat Shop – especializes in Argentinian influenced barbecue
  • Ammo Beach – especializes in seafood dishes
  • PURO Oyster Bar – especializes in oysters

Coffee Houses and Bakeries

  • Restaurante Salut
  • Cine Café
  • Jurerê Coffee Garden

Best Beach Clubs

  • Parador 12
  • Donna
  • Taikô
  • Simple on the Beach
  • Café de la Musique

Best Bars in Jurerê

  • Positano Diamond Bar by D’Vie
  • Bar do Cris Jurerê
  • Bar do Paulista
  • Gandhi Martinez Piano Bar
  • Off The Clock
  • Quiosque da Maré


Jurerê is arguably the safest area in Florianópolis, with an average of one security camera for every 100 inhabitants. This makes the Jurerê district one of the safest neighborhoods in Florianópolis, for both residents and tourists, so you can enjoy all the natural beauties and, especially, the nightclubs of Jurerê Internacional without worrying too much about not being in a safe place.


Closest Districts: Santa Mônica (0,9 miles) | Córrego Grande (1,5 miles) | Lagoa da Conceição (2,7 miles) | João Paulo (2 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia da Lagoa da Conceição (3,7 miles) | Praia Mole (5,5 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (6,2 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (5,5 miles) | Santo Antônio de Lisboa (7,4 miles) | Praia do Campeche (9,9 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 6,2 miles | Airport – 11,1 miles

9. Lagoa da Conceição

Credit: Flickr – eutrophication&hypoxia

The Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood is located in the eastern part of the island portion of Florianópolis and it is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. It is surrounded by a fishing village and has several old buildings with beautiful architecture.

Despite being a small district away from Florianópolis’ downtown area, it is one of the busiest neighborhoods in the city, as it hosts tourists from all over the world throughout the year. It is also located pretty close to the most famous beaches in the city: Mole and Joaquina.


The Lagoa da Conceição houses beaches, dunes, mountains and the largest lagoon on the island, all in one place. Due to its unique beauty, it has become the best-known natural tourist spot in the city.

When it comes to outdoor sports and activities that get you more in touch with nature, the Lagoa da Conceição region is definitely one of the best places in Florianópolis. On the neighboring beaches, no matter the temperature, there are always surfers in the water. as well as windsurfers, people sailing, kite surfing and hang gliding.

On the dunes, between Lagoa da Conceição and Praia da Joaquina, there are always people sandboarding and having fun, but if you are looking for something more calm and relaxing, there are several trails for ecological tours and mountain biking.


The large number of bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants makes Lagoa da Conceição one of the most popular spots in the city. Even outside the summer season, the nightlife is always pretty agitated. You can choose between quiet places with live music, pubs that feature performances by alternative bands, nightclubs, bar with a dance floors or outdoors joints just to have a couple of drinks.

According to TripAdvisor and Google, here are some of the top-rated bars and restaurants in Lagoa da Conceição (according to the different types of cuisines):

Seafood Restaurants

  • Restaurante Oliveira
  • Dolce Vita Restaurante
  • Restaurante Lagoa Azul
  • Ponta das Caranhas
  • Bistrô Santa Marta

Pizza Parlors

  • Artesano Pizza Bar
  • Pizzaria Basílico
  • Pizzaria Nave Mãe

Self Service & Buffet Restaurants

  • Restaurante Marquês da Lagoa
  • Restaurante Grillo
  • Empório Mineiro

Japanese Food

  • Arquipélago Sushi Bar
  • Feng Shui Sushi Bistrot
  • Sushi Yama

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Thai Thai – especializes in Thai food
  • Restaurante e Bistro La Vittoria – especializes in Mediterranean food
  • Gelato di Panna – especializes coffee, ice cream and various desserts
  • Espaço Nutrir – especializes in vegan food
  • Tomato Cucina – especializes in Italian food
  • Leeds Café Store – especializes in coffee and afternoon tea
  • Suco da Saúde – especializes in açaí (typical Brazilian smoothie) and light meals
  • Guacamole Cocina Mexicana – especializes in Mexican food

Best Bars in Lagoa da Conceição

  • Daya Kachurrasco Lagoa
  • Books & Beers
  • Bar do Boni
  • John Bull
  • Rufus Bar
  • Bar da Tibita


Closest Districts: Santa Mônica (0,9 miles) | Córrego Grande (1,5 miles) | Lagoa da Conceição (2,7 miles) | João Paulo (2 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia da Lagoa da Conceição (3,7 miles) | Praia Mole (5,5 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (6,2 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (5,5 miles) | Santo Antônio de Lisboa (7,4 miles) | Praia do Campeche (9,9 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 6,2 miles | Airport – 11,1 miles

10. Ribeirão da Ilha

Credit: WikiCommons – Analu

Located in the very south of the island portion of Florianópolis, Ribeirão da Ilha is the second oldest district in the city. It is a perfect place for those looking for a quiet place associated with nature. There are not many commerce options around, but if your objective is to get some peace and quiet, this is the place for you.

Due to the distance from the the downtown area in Florianópolis, the Ribeirão da Ilha district still maintains its simple and modest features, with an countryside atmosphere and the buildings and constructions that still preserve the Colonial architecture from older times.


Ribeirão da Ilha can be best described as a peaceful and bucolic district in Florianópolis. The main leisure is the sea, but there is a local club called Canto do Rio inc which dances and small concerts are held. With an extensive coastline formed by small beaches, Ribeirão da Ilha is the ultimate destination for those who seek peace and a lot of contact with nature.

At the most extreme point to the south of the neighborhood, you can go trekking in one of the most famous trails in Florianópolis, which connects Caieira da Barra do Sul Beach to Naufragados Beach.

Other than that, just walking around the city and observing the beautiful architecture is also a pretty nice thing to do, which could actually give you some great Instagrammable shots.


As we said earlier, commerce in the neighborhood is pretty limited to the essential needs of its residents, with a few markets, pharmacies, bakeries, among others. However, it is in terms of gastronomy that the Ribeirão da Ilha district stands out.

Along the neighborhood’s main road there is a large number of bars and restaurants, where you can taste the main products of the region: oysters and seafood. According to TripAdvisor and Google, here are a few of the top-rated places you can find in Ribeirão da Ilha:

Seafood Restaurants

  • Ostradamus
  • Restaurante Porto do Contrato
  • Restaurante Muqueca da Ilha
  • Rancho Açoriano

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Isla Parrilla – especializes in traditional Brazilian barbecue
  • Pé de Limo Petiscaria – especializes in Arab food
  • Deck Bar & Hamburgueria – especializes in hamburgers and sandwiches
  • Sorveteria Villa Desterro – especializes in ice cream and other desserts

Best Bars in Ribeirão da Ilha

  • Capitão Vili
  • Naufra Gastro Pub
  • Freguesia Beer’s
  • Boteco do Neto
  • Cutelo’s Petiscaria
  • Velha Guarda Choperia Artesanal

Coffee Houses and Bakeries

  • Café Tens Tempo
  • Krone Café
  • Amoriko Brigaderia & Café


Closest Districts: Bairro da Tapera (2,9 miles) | Bairro do Campeche (6,2 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia do Ribeirão da Ilha | Praia da Tapera (2,9 miles)| Praia do Morro das Pedras (7,4 miles) | Praia de Naufragados (8,4 miles + 0,3 miles of mild trekking)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 13,5 miles | Airport – 6,2 miles

11. Santa Mônica

Credit: Flickr | Dircinha

Santa Mônica is an upper middle class neighborhood in Florianópolis, located in the central region of the island portion of the city, right between the neighborhoods of Itacorubi, Córrego Grande, and Trindade. It’s locally known for its beautiful and wide streets filled with trees and green.

As it was built and developed over an area that was filled with ​​mangrove swamps, Santa Mônica is a flat district, which makes it easy for residents to move around, whether by foot or on bicycles.


The Santa Mônica district has three leisure areas open to the public. The Maria Tereza Kock square has a large green area, wooden toys for children, an outdoor gym, a soccer field and a Military Police post. The João Di Bernardi and Breno Pinheiro Valadares squares are characterized only as green areas, being very good spots if you want to have a picnic.


Santa Mônica also has good entertainment and gastronomy options, such as bars, cafes, restaurants and lounge-type nightclubs. Most of them are distributed along the district’s main avenue (called Avenida Madre Benvenuta), in the portion closest to Shopping Iguatemi.

Here are some of the places you can grab a bite in Santa Mônica:

Self Service & Buffet Restaurants

  • Quatro Estações Restaurante

Japanese Food

  • Kiddo Sushi Floripa
  • Seu Miyagi Sushi Lounge

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Da Terra Restaurante Natural – especializes in Vegan and Vegetarian food
  • Fueggo Parrilla Bar – especializes in traditional Brazilian barbecue and Rio Grande do Sul cuisine
  • Le Pario – a la carte bistro
  • Coricó Frango na Brasa – especializes in chicken dishes
  • Rosarito Taqueria – especializes in Mexican food
  • Vibe Poke Hawaiian Food – especializes in Hawaiian fast food

Pizza Parlors

  • Forneria Catarina
  • Tomato Forneria Santa Mônica
  • Artesano Pizza Bar
  • Nonnonapo

Best Bars in Santa Monica

  • Nefasta Cervejaria Santa Mônica
  • Boteco Bacana
  • Hang Out Gastro Pub
  • Rabodigalo
  • Mr. Hoppy
  • Dez 55 Bar
  • Bar das Fábricas
  • Cerveja Sambaqui


Closest Districts: Trindade (1 mile) | Córrego Grande (1,1 miles) | Itacorubi (0,9 miles)
Closest Beaches: Lagoa da Conceição (4,5 miles) | Praia Mole (6,4 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (6,8 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (6,5 miles)| Praia do Campeche (9,3 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 4,6 miles | Airport – 10,5 miles

12. Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Credit: Destino Florianópolis

Santo Antônio de Lisboa is a small neighborhood located in the north of the island portion of Florianópolis. It is situated around 10 miles from the city center, between the Cacupé and Sambaqui districts.

Unlike most neighborhoods in Florianópolis, Santo Antônio de Lisboa has not suffered relevant impacts caused by the real estate expansion in recent decades and continues to maintain its peaceful and charming colonial village air. Most of its streets are paved and there are no buildings in the neighborhood (how rare is that?).


At Santo do Antonio de Lisboa’s historic center, right between the Roldão da Rocha Pires and Getúlio Vargas squares, you will be able to find all the main non-natural tourist attractions in the neighborhood, such as the Santo Antônio Church and the house where prince Dom Pedro II stayed when he visited.


While Santo do Antonio de Lisboa is indeed a good place for those looking to relax and stay away from parties and crowds, it still houses a few bars and restaurants worth visiting, especially the ones located at the shores, which allows for a late afternoon drink with an incredible sunset.

Here are some of the places you can find in Santo do Antonio de Lisboa:

Seafood Restaurants

  • Restaurante Del Mare
  • Trapiche das Ostras
  • Arante
  • Ostravagante
  • Barco Bistro

Self Service & Buffet

  • Caldo De Cana Do Sr Pedro e Delicias da Fabi
  • Engenho do Vô
  • Estação Ribeirão
  • Mangia Marmitaria
  • Restaurante Tok do Chef

Quick Meals and Snacks

  • Lanches e Açaí Oliveira’s
  • Bar e Lanchonete Do Quirino
  • Lanchonete Superdog
  • Valdir Lanches


One of the city’s main postcards is also known for its safety. In part, because of the natural calmness of the place, but also because of the sense of community: everyone knows everyone in the region and this provides even more sense of security for whoever is there.


Closest Districts: Sambaqui (5,5 miles) | Cacupé (2,1 miles)
Closest Beaches: Praia de Santo Antônio de Lisboa | Praia de Sambaqui (5,5 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (3,1 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 11,1 miles | Airport – 17,3 miles

13. Trindade

Credit: WikiCommons | Rafaelomondini

The Trindade neighborhood is one of the most desirable places in Florianópolis, mainly to those who want practicality in their day-to-day activities and value the quality of life. This is easily found in Trindade, as the district is located in an area with easy access to the city’s main roads and pretty much gathers all the essentials in one place..

Due to the fact the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) is located in Trindade, this a region has a kind of youthful aspect to it, reflected by its intense cultural agenda. The district is also within the top 5 most populated neighborhoods in Florianópolis, which pretty much guarantees complete infrastructure for everything you should need.


The UFSC campus is one of the main cultural spots in Trindade. The university’s theatre, for example, hosts theatrical performances at affordable prices, in addition to several workshops and courses regarding the arts.

Inside the university campus there is also a cultural and events center, with a very good space for exhibitions showings, as well as a food court. Almost in front of the Events Center, you’ll be able to find the Concha Acústica stage, where outdoor concerts usually take place.

Regarding the beaches near Trindade, the district houses a total of 6 beaches:

  • Praia do Cepilho – one of the surfer’s favourite due to the strong tides
  • Praia de Fora – calm beach, where most of the inns and camping areas in Trindade are located
  • Praia dos Ranchos – its a extension of Praia de Fora, has a few kyosks and it is also very calm
  • Praia do Meio – considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area
  • Praia e Piscina Natural do Cachadaço – the biggest and furthest beach in Trindade, also features a natural pool if you are willing to walk a pretty small trail
  • Praia Brava – a wild beach that can only be accessed through a 30 min trail, which makes it less-crowded than the others

No matter which you choose to stay, all of the beaches in Trindade are very well preserved and beautiful. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even enjoy the waterfalls and natural pools in the region.

The Lauro Linhares streets houses some of the main commercial establishments in the region, such as Shopping Trindade and Max&Flora Center. This streets also has a few of the best restaurants in the district, which brings us to our next topic…


Gastronomy is one of the main qualities of Trindade, as it houses varied styles of restaurants. Due to the wide circulation of young people, the neighborhood has a very busy night life, with several bars scattered along Rua Lauro Linhares.

Here are some of the best places you will be able to find at Trindade:

Self Service & Buffet Restaurants

  • Dona Jô Restaurante
  • Restaurante Bom Garfo
  • Restaurante Estação Trindade
  • Rocco Grill
  • La Bohème Restaurante

Italian Food

  • Di Costanzo Focacceria
  • Di Taroni Trindade
  • Da Vincenzo Il Piacere Della Pasta

Miscellaneous Restaurants

  • Moochacho Trindade – especializes in Mexican food
  • Palácio China – especializes in Chinese food
  • Turkish Kebab Store – especializes in Turkish food
  • Wamaki Express – especializes in Japanese food
  • Èze Crêperie – especializes in crepes
  • Doka Esfiharia – especializes in esfihas, an Arab snack

Burger Restaurants

  • Vitrola Burguer
  • Uncle Joe’s
  • Chef na Van – Burgers and Boardgames

Pizza Parlors

  • Pizzaria Sportello Trindade
  • Schaefer Pizza Pub
  • Pop Pizza


Overall, Trindade is a very safe area to live in or stay at, especially given the large number of people who move around the campus. Even so, it is recommend to be a little cautious when walking through empty places and when driving at night.


The Trindade neighborhood is located right at the center of the main access roads of the region, like Lauro Linhares Avenue, Beira Mar Avenue, and Madre Benvenuta Avenue; all of which provides several options for moving around inside the city.

Trindade also houses one of the six terminals of the integrated transport system in Florianópolis (known as TiTri), from where it is possible to take buses to the central, east and north regions of the island portion of the city.

Closest Neighborhoods: Carvoeira (0,8 miles) | Santa Mônica (1 mile) | Agronômica (3,1 miles) | Córrego Grande (1,8 miles) | Pantanal (1,8 miles)
Closest Beaches: Lagoa da Conceição (6,2 miles) | Praia Mole (7,4 miles) | Praia da Joaquina (8 miles) | Praia de Cacupé (7,1 miles) | Praia do Campeche (8,6 miles)
Main Distances: Downtown and City Bus Station – 4,9 miles | Airport – 10,2 miles

Well, that was it for our post on the best districts in Florianópolis! Not only is the whole city filled with beautiful landscapes for you to bring home lots of good pictures and memories, but it is also packed with wonderful districts to stay. So either, if you’re planning on living or just spending your vacations, Florianópolis is a great place to visit!

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Cover Photo: the Florianópolis Bridge with a beautiful sunset in the background | Credit: ID 26336283 © Daniel Wiedemann | Dreamstime.com

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