About me

Hi, I’m Ana. I am the creator of this blog and a passionate traveler and culture lover. I started Tripster Panda to help you find compelling and relevant content about Brazil. I wanted to write content that goes beyond just beautiful pictures and lists of the top destinations of the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see beautiful travel pictures just like the next adventurer, but these days, it feels this is all the internet is about.  I currently live outside of Brazil with my French partner and we are frequently sharing anecdotes, cultural, and traveling information with each other.

I always loved to travel and I have always done some research (even if not planning some travel at the time) just to at least get some inspiration for the next one.

Sometimes I would search for specific topics and really need to go into that obscure second (or *gasp* third) page of Google or play around with the search bar to be able to find the specific content about Brazil I was looking for.

The search got even harder when looking for content for expats (I was wondering which visa he would need should we decide to move back one day and I was hoping for a step by step).

So, this is what this blog is about: relevant content about Brazil. For travelers, for expats or just for any of you that might be interested in knowing more about the country, it’s people, it’s culture, and beautiful places.

I will, of course, share those awesome pictures and maybe even the destination list (if this is something you would want to see here) but I will definitely share everything I have learned, discovered or experienced about Brazil so that you can find not only interesting but also useful information about the amazing country that is Brazil.

I am eager to share with you everything I believe is interesting and relevant so that you don’t need to waste hours trying to find what you are looking for when planning your next trip or your relocation!

I hope you enjoy the content and I would love it if you would join my newsletter, where I share extra content that is not on the site.