Recommended For Brazil

When going to Brazil, being for a trip or moving there, there are just so many things that you need to think of, that it can be overwhelming. This is true for anywhere you might be traveling to, actually.

I have decided to research, try, and test everything I could, based not only on how helpful those things or services would be to a foreigner but also how authentic and good quality that would be for a real Brazilian experience.

I don’t want you to take those tours that are awful just because you can’t find anything better. I want to help you in finding the most genuine experiences you can have in Brazil.

Are you traveling there? Great! Let’s see what would be the gear, devices, and anything else that would make your life easier. Let’s check for tours that provide you excellent customer service but also great experiences for a trip of a lifetime!

Perhaps you are moving to Brazil for work or just because you loved it when you visited?

Let’s search for a great company to support you on your visa and moving processes.

Let’s check the real estate agents. I don’t know about you, but this has always been an issue for me. If you search online in English, you get the people trying to sell you beachfront mansions that cost your kidney!

I just want to find the standard two-bedroom condo in a nice area of the city, so let’s search for those companies.

Or maybe you just happen to love Brazilian culture and food (who doesn’t?), and you want to know where you can get that fantastic barbecue everybody talks about. I will put it all here.

The goal of these recommended products and services is to offer you some options to consider when you are looking into going (or living or experiencing) to Brazil.

As you probably already know, a few of these products will have affiliate links, at no extra cost to you, and I might earn a commission if you decide to purchase from them.

However, if I do really think a product is great and they do not offer affiliates, I will recommend them anyway.

I want to make sure you can experience Brazil the best way possible, so I hope these recommendations will help you achieve that.

Have a lovely experience in Brazil!

For Travelers

Here is a list of all the products I recommend for a stress-free trip to Brazil. There are recommendations for just a nice classic trip but also if you want to visit the more exotic corners.

Here I list the tours and activities I believe are worthwhile going. I will keep updating this as I come across new options!

Which airlines fly to Brazil? Should I get a full travel package? Where should I stay? Check our recommendations here.

For Ex-pats

This is a great place to begin. Check the companies that support ex-pats on moving, getting a visa, and other services.

So you are moving! Check our recommendations for overseas moving companies, real estate agents, and other services.

For Experiencers

So you want the famous Brazilian food? Check where I eat when I am outside of Brazil!

Just looking for Brazilian products? These are the shops you can find online or physically where you can buy amazing products.

I have added here all the services you might be interested in.