The 8 Best Nightclubs Of Brazil

There are many great nightclubs in Brazil where you can hear the music live and dance collectively. The best nightclubs have great DJs, popular music, and splendid ambiance. The contagious music of Brazil gives you unforgettable experiences in their nightclubs.

Nightclubs in Brazil play everything from samba and bossa nova to EDM music, pop, and much more. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you have not truly experienced Brazil until you have enjoyed a night out at one of their thrilling nightclubs. Keep reading to find out what the best nightclubs in Brazil are!


Location: Avenida Epitácio Pessoa 1484, Rio de Janeiro
Costs: R$60 for women and R$200 for men

This nightclub expands across two floors. One floor is dedicated as a dance floor, whereas the other floor is a VIP arena. Additionally, Miroir nightclub has a smoking balcony. You can have a great view from the balcony and easily spot the Statue of Christ. 

Miroir is hugely popular because upbeat and exciting electronic music is played every night. There is always a fun-loving partying crowd in Miroir. You can expect to see many elegantly dressed aristocratic people enjoying the nightlight of Miroir.

There is an unspoken dress code for this nightclub; women usually wear alluring low-cut and short dresses, exposing a lot of skin. High heels and sleek straight hair often complement the outfit too. High-end t-shirts, casual or informal pants, and untucked dress shirts are the usual outfits for men. 

The Miroir nightclub exclusively plays electronic music. Miroir is a favorite for nightclub lovers because they put on state-of-the-art light shows and feature renowned DJs. Both local and global DJs perform in Miroir.


Location: Rua Siqueira Campos, 143 – Loja 22a – Copacabana
Costs: Admission ranges from USD 5 to USD 15, for each person

This nightclub feels like a hidden gem. Fosfobox is “secretly” located under a shopping center, found close to the Siqueira Campos metro station. This subterranean club is right at the heart of Copacabana and gives its visitors heart-pounding experiences.

At first glance, this nightclub looks too small. However, as you enter Fosfobox, you’ll notice the basement is larger behind the stairwell curtain. Overall the nightclub has grungy and stunning visuals. 

The crowd of Fosfobox tends to be hipsters and music lovers. The people that visit this nightclub are from different social demographic backgrounds. You can forget whatever stereotype you fall into when partying together in Fosfobox. Another feature that makes Fosfobox welcoming is that they are LGBTQ-friendly.

And speaking of LGBTQ+ friendly places, don’t miss out on our Brazilian Gay-Friendly Cities Guide, you’ll catch up on all the rainbow destinations in Brazil!

Now, Fosfobox only gets really heated later in the night. After midnight, the underground dance floor grows more and more crowded as the night goes on. They have a bar upstairs along with a balcony. The bar provides many types of drinks. Hence if you need a break or some fresh air, you can always head upstairs and catch a break. 

The DJs play music such as underground electronica, pop, hip hop, rock, and rolls, etc. You can expect a great range of music from this subterranean club. Glam rock, Brazilian funk, and everything in between is played by the DJs here. Sometimes samba music or forró-based music make an entrance into this nightclub too (take a look at this post if you don’t know what Forró is!). 

D Edge

Location: Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 141 – Barra Funda, São Paulo 
Costs: starting at USD 15 per person

D Edge is a well-known Brazilian nightclub, and for a good reason too. D Edge takes nightclub partying to a whole new level. Along with good music for your ears, your eyes too will be titillated with the lighting effects. When you enter D Edge, it is as if you have entered a new dimension. 

D-Edge is a very cool nightclub in São Paulo, their ambience and decoration totally makes the difference for people who enjoy EDM music – Credit: Youtube | Techno Live

Your sensory experience will be enjoyable with the extensive lighting design, inspired by Berlin’s Watergate Club, and choice music. There are entire wall-length LED panels in the four rooms of D Edge. This creates a modern and futuristic ambiance. This nightclub also has a smoking balcony and a rooftop terrace.

D Edge often plays top underground electronic music. Indie, Rock and Roll, Funk, Disco, Classic, House music, and more genres are played by the DJs in D Edge. D Edge provides amazing Brazilian Techno sounds. D Edge, unsurprisingly, is a fantastic nightclub in Brazil and the world. Some of the DJs performed on D Edge include Truncate, Dubfire, Thomas Melchoir, Loco Dice, and more.


Location: Avenida Mem de Sa # 47, Rio de Janeiro
Costs: Averages around USD 10 per person

Leviano’s ambiance gives you the typical well-loved nightclub that is great for young people. If you want to just drink, dance, or do both; you can feel free to do so in Leviano. Their food and drinks receive a lot of positive reviews too.

Leviano’s first floor has outdoor seating, indoor seating, televisions, and a full bar. There are plenty of outdoor seatings, so this is great for smokers. The first floor usually hosts live bands. The second floor contains the bathrooms and the DJs performing house, soul, electro-samba, and reggae. The third floor is the dance floor, and it has air conditioning so you can dance and party without getting too sweaty.

This reservation-based nightclub is always crowded. The easygoing vibe of this nightclub creates an informal dress code. Most people are wearing casual clothes or nightclub attire. Leviano’s popularity is obvious not only from its crowded floors but from its crowded street too. As the night goes on, the entire street becomes more packed.

Leviano lives up to its reputation and has received multiple awards. Some of the awards they have received are being one of the most reviewed nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro and being of the top-rated nightclubs. 

Espaço Acústica

Location: Praça Tiradentes, 2 – Downtown, Rio de Janeiro 
Costs: Averaging around USD 7 per person (sometimes free)

Espaço Acustica is a popular and vibrant nightclub. Due to its popularity and accessibility, it is considered a public nightclub. Espaço Acustica gives the public many different types of events throughout the year. They offer intimate concerts, theme-based parties, theater shows, and more.

Espaço Acustica is also enjoyable for the live Brazilian music they host. The music often playing in this nightclub is pop, rock, ballad, and electronica. The choice of music is as upbeat and energetic as the people that gather here.

There are three stages in total at this establishment. These three stages are spread out across two floors and a mezzanine. The second floor also had a lounge terrace, a cafe, and a bar. There are two dancing spaces in Espaço Acustica, and they are almost always well air-conditioned. The top floor has an open space, which is great for smokers or anyone that needs a breather. 

A fantastic highlight of Espaço Acustica is that it is very LGBTQ+-friendly. They have some of the best LGBTQ+ parties, and overall this nightclub is fun and free of prejudice. 

Santa Club Lagoa Nightclub

Location: Av. das Rendeiras, 470 – Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis – Santa Catarina 
Costs: range from USD 10 to USD 30 for each person

This is another great nightclub located in Santa Catarina. Along with a wonderful ambiance and great food and drinks, the staff of this nightclub always gets appreciated by the visitors. 

Similarly to D-Edge in São Paulo, Santa Club Lagoa bets on a full ambience in order to provide a full electronic experience to the guests – Credit: Youtube | YINYANG Live

There is usually a long line to get in, especially during special night events. However, the wait is worth it. There is one spacious dance floor on the bottom floor. It is lit with neon lights, has air conditioning, and gets everyone’s dancing mood on.

The music that plays in Santa Club Lagoa Nightclub is commonly electropop, rock, hip hop, and more. 

Renascença Clube

Location: R. Barão de São Francisco, 54 – Andaraí
Costs: R$20 for each person

This nightclub defines “old is gold”; Renascença Clube was first opened in 29151 as a place for African American families to meet up, socialize and be together in a culturally harmonious fashion. Renascença Clube’s initial years saved traditional culture and are still credited for it today.

Renascença Clube is found in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro: Andaraí. You can see and experience the culturally diverse neighborhood through the Renascença Clube nightclub. Theater, cine, ballet, children’s parties, dancing lunch gatherings, and samba music define this culture. 

Renascença Clube not only gives upbeat parties but it highlights social events and catalyzes social harmony. Renascença Clube can accommodate over one thousand people. This nightclub comprises a court, a mezzanine, and a balcony. Renascença Clube plays a lot of samba music. Every Monday, their samba event attracts many people from all around Rio de Janeiro. 

Upon entering Renascença Clube, you will find a table for the musicians. There will also be a large stage with many tables surrounding the stage. These tables cost an extra USD 5. You pay this to the waiter before you sit and go through the menu. 

This nightclub is great for tourists because they will have a partying and a cultural experience. Moreover, the AndaraÍ local people are friendly, helpful, and easygoing. But as it is not located in an exactly safe place, I’d advise you to go and leave by Uber.

Casa 92

Location: R. Cristóvão Gonçalves, 92, Pinheiros, São Paulo
Costs: the price ranges from USD 12 to USD 35 per person

The architecture and interior decor are Casa 92 nightclub’s highlighting features. Casa 92 is a vintage-styled mansion with many different rooms, and each room is decorated in a quaint and retro style. Each room used to be a bedroom or living room before the home became a nightclub.

The design inside and out of Casa 92 calls for a fun and exotic atmosphere. Some say they feel like they’re in a world akin to Alice in Wonderland. The mansion has amazing dance floors for party lovers and a few quiet bars for those who want to relax or play pool. There is also plenty of outdoor seating. You will also find a small souvenir store in Casa 92. This nightclub has a space for everyone to feel welcome.

Casa 92 features various DJs in their events and parties, and the DJs play all night long. The music that commonly plays in this nightclub ranges from pop, rock, electronica, disco, dance, contemporary, samba, indie, etc. 

Unsurprisingly, Casa 92 gets very crowded very fast. Make sure to arrive there early, so you don’t spend too much time waiting. Casa 92 is more strict on age-appropriate visitors only, so make sure you have an ID card or proof of age to show them. There is no official dress code, but the crowd at Casa 92 is usually impressively dressed up. 

What Cities In Brazil Are Known for Nightlife?

Brazil’s lively and party-loving culture is well known and appreciated. There are certain cities in Brazil that promise some of the best nightlife. 

Brazil is a country that loves music and is popular for its love for music. Brazil is the country that produced samba, bossa nova, the carnival joy of frevo, the electronic beats of mangue beats, and more. Brazil has been making innovative club music in the last decade or so.

It is fair to say that Brazil is where the party is at! Moreover, some cities of Brazil are highlighted for their nightlife. 


Curitiba is a city found in the state of Parana. This state is north of Santa Caterina. Curitiba has the greatest music and clubbing spots. House and techno are the main music genres in Curitiba. Curitiba promises anyone an amazing Brazilian nightclub and music experience.


Salvador is a city located in the state of Bahia. Salvador is saturated in the history and culture of Africa. This means upbeat, lively, and soulful music is part of Salvador. Salvador’s electronic music covers the house, hip-hop, trap, moombahton, etc. 

You can check out a bit more about our trip to Salvador in this video:

Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina is found in southern Brazil. Do not be surprised to see true fans of electronic music here. Santa Catarina is often referred to as the “Ibiza of Brazil”. This is because Santa Catarina has some of the best nightclubs in the world. Of the many popular nightclubs in this location, Warung Beach Club and Green Valley are the best known. 

São Paulo

Electronic music is extremely popular in Sao Paulo. You can dance to the best electronic music in Sao Paulo nightclubs. From the old gold songs and the latest songs to remixes, you can expect it all in this location. D Edge is a top favorite for both locals and tourists for unforgettable clubbing experiences. 

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is praised as a birthplace for the baile funk electronic sounds. Baile funk is also known as funk carioca. Though this genre of music is popular across the world, Rio is where it all began. As you can see from this article, many of the best nightclubs in Brazil are found in Rio. You can be sure that Rio has some great nightclubs to dance your bunda (booty) away.

It is good for tourists to know that many nightclubs give you a control card in Rio upon entering. A control card works by putting a mark on the card each time you order drinks or food. At the end of your nightclub experience, you can pay the total sum on your control card and the admission charge before you leave. 

A control card lets you pay for everything simultaneously, so you are not paying for individual drinks or snacks. Make sure to always keep your control card with you. If you lose the card, you will have no choice but to pay a very expensive fee, usually above USD 40. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best nightclubs you can find in Brazil. Every night in a nightclub is different, and of course, every nightclub, too, is unique. You can enjoy a uniquely fun night in any Brazilian nightclubs mentioned above.

Brazil’s culture and music are vibrant, energetic, and positively infectious. The sounds of samba, bossa nova, salsa, and more make the heart of Brazilian music. You can have a splendid time in their music and culture through Brazilian nightclubs.

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