Living in a Gated Comunity in Brazil: the Good and the Bad

Gated communities are very well-known across the Americas, having originated in the US and popularizing in Brazil (and other countries in South America) during the ’70s. With the promise of offering safe, exclusive, and private spaces for people to live, gated communities indeed have many advantages, but is it really all positive to isolate yourself that much?

Living in a gated community in Brazil could be a good idea depending on where you live, but it also could hinder you from discovering new places and experiencing other things.

In this post, we are going through the pros and cons of living in a gated community in Brazil, explaining the main reasons behind their success in the country, what are the main and most famous gated communities across the country and give you all the related info in regards to this.

Should I Live In A Gated Community in Brazil?

Living in a gated community in Brazil is one of the main alternatives for many people who are looking for safety and quality of life for the whole family. However, investing in a condominium property could be a little bit (to say the least) more expensive than a house on an open street, mainly because there are fees related to services and the use of common spaces, which can increase condominium costs.

In addition, the houses have a pre-established construction standard and shared play areas, which may not suit everyone. So in order to help you evaluate if you should live in a gated community in Brazil, we prepared a few pointers for you to consider while deciding on where you should settle:

Living In A Gated Community in Brazil: The Pros

Safety First Always

Violence is a problem in both large metropolises and smaller cities in Brazil, so it is normal for people to be afraid to leave the house or leave the children alone, even if it is only during working hours. However, when you have a house in a gated community, these concerns are considerably smaller in comparison to living in a regular house.

Violence and criminality are unfortunately a reality in Brazil, especially in some cities that have become known for this. So building your life inside of a gated community could easily be a solution if you are worried about safety, as you will always have security in your condo’s premises – Credit: Dreamstime | Dmitry Kalinovsky

When we talk about security, we are not just referring to the strategies that the condo may adopt to fight criminals, we are also pointing out the consequence they cause in people’s daily lives: the feeling of being safe. Being able to do things like sleeping with the windows open, letting the children play in the building’s court, being told that someone is waiting at the entrance, etc.

Brazilian condominiums have the most diverse investments in security, such as cameras spread all over the place, electric fences, as well as alarms, patrol service, and 24-hour concierge. Nobody can enter the condo without checking in and identifying themselves, and everything that happens in the common areas is monitored as well.

Of course, it is possible to have security cameras, electric fences, intercom systems, and all of that in an ordinary house, but the problem is that these come as too expensive for just one resident to deal with. So If you want to experience a more effective sense of security without spending loads of money, live in a condominium.

Safety is one of the main (if not the main) reasons why people look to live in a gated community, especially in places known for occasional episodes of urban violence, such as Rio de Janeiro. Barra da Tijuca is arguably the most well-known example of gated communities in Rio, with a huge concentration of these projects throughout the district’s area.

If you are a constant traveler, living in a gated community in Brazil could also be the most indicated option for you, as you will know for certain that your house and all of your belongings are left in a safe and monitored space.

Privacy Protected

Although many condominium houses/apartments are pretty close together, living in a gated community in Brazil will certainly give you more privacy, in the sense that you will have absolute control of who enters and leaves your residence.

In this type of real state, all visits must be announced before entering the condo’s areas (even if they are your guests), so you definitely won’t be bothered by unwanted visitors. Some places even ask the residents for a list of people who are allowed to get inside.

Living in a gated community in Brazil is also a great plan if you want to have some privacy in your everyday life. Not only are the condos usually located on fairly isolated places (with a beautiful view), but you will also have more control of who is allowed to enter the condo’s area – Credit: Dreamstime | David Burke

In regards to deliveries, each gated community has its own rules on how to receive them for residents, as some of them do not allow delivery men inside the condo’s premises. In São Paulo for instance, It is very common for either the doorman to receive the parcel or the resident to head to the main lobby and receive it itself.

Of course, you can also have privacy while living in a common house, but you will probably have to shell a few Reais (Brazilian currency) in order to build walls, invest in gates, and keep the windows always closed. In some cases, if your neighbor lives in a higher building, none of this will do and you

Recreation Area & Entertainment Center

Another advantage of living in a gated community in Brazil is the possibility of having complete infrastructure just a few steps away. A typical feature of closed condominiums is a differentiated leisure area, which brings practicality, convenience, and quality of life all at once to the residents.

Of course, you may think: “but I’m in Brazil, I can just go to the beach on weekends and holidays!”. Well, that is true, but however, in the condo, you have will have leisure and entertainment options in a safe place. Plus, beaches can get very crowded (especially during the Summer) and traffic could be a major turn-off for you to leave the house as well.

So by living in a gated community in Brazil, you will have access to many great services and areas including:

  • pools (regular and heated)
  • a steam room
  • a game room
  • a party hall with gourmet kitchen
  • playground
  • sports courts (soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, etc)
  • BBQ area etc.

Having all of these areas and services at their disposal provides more convenience to residents, who can enjoy leisure time with more tranquility. There is no concern about leaving early in order not to catch traffic at rush hour nor the constant need to watch over the children, as they are in a safe environment.

There are even some high-level luxury gated communities with movie theaters, bars, fully equipped gyms, restaurants, and even a gold course, which will definitely come in handy when you don’t really feel like taking your car out of the garage.

Better Overall Quality of Life

With most people having a very hectic work schedule nowadays, it is hard to find the opportunity to just lay back, take a deep breath and just relax. Plus, all the noise pollution and sometimes being far away from green areas and parks could make all that even harder. But living in a gated community in Brazil may be a great solution for that!

Gated communities usually have parks and green areas, which not only makes the environment more beautiful but also brings a sense of inner peace and contemplation, two things that are very welcome when you having one of those busy and agitated weeks for sure.

Life inside a gated community in Brazil could actually do wonders for your health and overall quality of life! Living near green areas and being able to exercise while breathing fresh air is key for a happy and healthy life, which you will be easily able to enjoy in this type of real state – Credit: Dreamstime | Evgenyatamanenko

Usually, gated communities in Brazil are located in places far away from the downtown area, where there is not much vehicular traffic but a lot of large green areas instead. By living close to nature, you will have the opportunity to live in a comfortable and pleasant place, ideal for resting after a long day at work.

I mean, imagine getting up in the morning and being able to take a walk or jog inside the condo without worrying about driving somewhere to do it. Or even if you are not a fan of physical activities, just breathing in the fresh air and being close to nature already feel very rewarding.

A Quieter Life

Picking up from our last topic, living in a gated community in Brazil could also be a great thing in regards to noise pollution, as you will most likely be secluded far away from the street’s noise and constant hassle. Trading in car horns for birds singing sounds like a great deal to me, right?

Each person has a different lifestyle, and therefore, a neighbor can greatly affect your everyday life when he disregards the Brazilian Law of Silence (Lei do Silêncio). This law establishes that there must be no noises before seven o’clock in the morning and after ten at night.

The problem is that when you live in a traditional house, the only authority that can guarantee compliance with this legislation is the Military Police, and therefore, sometimes it is up to the citizen to call the authorities asking for a solution.

As we know, cops have a lot of work — which means it can take them hours to get to the scene and put an end to whatever situation is bothering you. On the other hand, those who choose to live in a condominium have a strong ally when it comes to enforcing respect for the Law of Silence: the internal regulations.

Residents who do not comply with internal agreements can (and will) be fined and, when they are not owners, they can be expelled from the commhnity. In addition, the resident does not need to bother sorting out the issue with the neighbor (and maybe even create some animosity), as you just need to contact the building administration and make your complaint.

Making Connections With the Neighbors

If you are the type of person who likes to meet new people and make new friends, living in apartments or houses in open neighborhoods doesn’t really offer much chance for you to interact with neighbors. People are usually busy with their everyday lives, and not having the chance to interact could cause you some social isolation, especially if you live by yourself.

When you live in a gated community, there is a much better chance of talking to the people who live around you, as the recreational areas allow for people to interact. Over time, your circle of friends will increase and you will have a good network of friends close to your home.

For children, this issue is particularly important, as they will be able to gather in the play areas and socialize with other children without taking risks with strangers on the streets. I lived in a gated community for a few years while I was a child, and it made my parent’s lives a lot more easy, as they could let me roam free with the other kids without worrying.

Living in a gated condo encourages the feeling of community. In addition to the common spaces that are shared, it is normal that there are events where the residents meet for happy hours and family parties. There are also some situations that happen on a daily basis that can be easily settled with the assistance of a neighbor, like changing a light bulb, helping when catching a runaway pet, or even borrowing some sugar (cliché but it happens!).

Average Cost of Living

Although the condominium requires payment of monthly fees (which are not exactly always cheap by the way), the benefits linked to these expenses make every penny worth it. That is if you are actually planning on using them.

These values ​​aren’t usually contemplated while discussing the expenses of a regular house, which could leave you wondering if you really need all that. But think about how much it would be necessary for you and your family to spend in order to have all the comfort and security offered by a gated community: certainly a lot more than what you will be paying for here.

In regards to general services you may need, technical problems such as electricity and plumbing (or routine services such as cleaning the common areas and gardening) are the responsibility of the administration, so you won’t even have to break a sweat while dealing with these issues, as you will get them fixed with just a phone call.

Plus, in the gated communities, the values ​​are shared by all residents, which reduces costs considerably. This means that everything you are paying for is reverted to benefits for the tenants. So, if you are thinking about building or buying a house in a private condominium, take some time to see if the average cost of living actually fits your budget.

The costs that can be divided are those directed to the following structures and services:

  • safety (security);
  • cleaning;
  • playground maintenance;
  • sports court;
  • pool;
  • garden maintenance;
  • shared gym;
  • party room;
  • steam room;
  • playroom.

Especialized Personnel

Caring for a garden, a swimming pool, or even a gym is a lot of work, and surely it costs a lot of money. Therefore, when we usually see a poorly maintained house, with a backyard in not-so-good conditions, it is possible that that owner does not have the time or money to carry out the proper maintenance.

In a gated community this situation will probably never happen. Firstly, because there are professionals hired to perform these tasks. The presence of caretakers is essential to keep everything clean and organized so that visitors are delighted with the place and residents feel good about living in it.

Do you love having plants around but don’t really know how to take care of them? By living in a gated community, you won’t have to worry about any of that, as most gated condos in Brazil have specialized personnel that takes care of things like gardening and cleaning. Pretty bougie, huh? – Credit: Dreamstime | Welcomia

Another important point is the presence of the building’s manager, which usually is a resident who assumes the job and obligation to inspect the maintenance of the condo’s internal spaces. This way, if the garden is not properly maintained if the pool is not clean and if the common areas are not ready to be used, the residents have someone to complain to.

This is also valid in regards to security maintenance, such as elevators and equipment such as surveillance cameras. Some of them, even, must be done periodically — and registered in the condo’s books, in addition to generating receipts that need to be presented to other residents in the following meetings.

Living In A Gated Community in Brazil: The Cons

Despite all the advantages we just went through, living in a gated community in Brazil also has its downsides. And if you want to make the perfect decision while you are looking for a place to live in Brazil, knowing the cons is also essential for you to make the best decision.

So here are a few cons of living in a gated community in Brazil:

High Monthly Fees

Many people can’t wait to buy a house and get off the rent. However, as you have already seen, living in a gated community in Brazil also means that you will be dealing with a fixed monthly fee payment in order to bear the costs of all the services you will have available, as we have seen in our last topic on the Con list.

Generally, these values ​​are not equivalent to those usually stated in lease contracts, but still, if they are too high, it may be worth rethinking where you plan to live. You could also look for another gated community in another part of the city that is not so expensive, as well.

By either renting or buying a house at a gated condo in Brazil, be aware that all the luxury and facilities come with a fairly high price! So before you decide to make that move, make sure to think about if you will be able to support this lifestyle in the long run, making sure not to overstep – Credit: Dreamstime | Arturs Budkevics

Picking up our example on Barra da Tijuca (in Rio de Janeiro) again, the district is a well-known place for many luxury gated communities, which usually charge fairly expensive fees. On the other hand, if you look into places like Jacarépagua, you could potentially find some great offers for a much more reasonable price, as the district is not as close to the beach as Barra da Tijuca and therefore, the real state market is not as aggressive.

Too Many Rules

Even though rules are indeed necessary (especially when living in a gated community) and therefore can not immediately be considered as a disadvantage, excessive standards do tend to be a nuisance for some people. Keep in mind that many aspects of your life may be controlled or monitored in a gated community, like access, renovations, coexistence, maintenance, and so on.

Also, closed communities also tend to have rules in regards to decoration as well, particularly on the outside. So for example, if you have always wanted to have a yellow-colored house, you may not be able to get one while living in a gated community in Brazil, as there might be rules that oblige all houses to have the same color.

So it doesn’t just depend on what you’ve designed for your new place, it is necessary that these changes fit within the community building rules. If they are too strict, you will have problems putting your ideas into practice and will not have a home the way you always dreamed of.

Not The Best Place for Introverts

If you are an introvert or simply do not like being around too many people, then maybe living in a gated community might be the wrong idea for you. I mean, you sure will be able to maintain your privacy within your home, but gated communities are prone to coexistence with neighbors, something that may sound like a nightmare to many people.

If you are not really keen on the idea of having lots of people around every day, you may wanna start looking at something else. After all, there is a relative proximity between the houses, the sharing of common areas, among others, so if you prefer a more private environment, it might be worth choosing another alternative.

Collective Decision Making

Deciding collectively is part of the routine of any gated community, whether in Brazil or not. Keep in mind that this includes frequent holding of assemblies, meetings, and so on. The community’s assignee usually holds meetings every month (or whenever they are necessary), and the residents must show up if they want to be aware of what is being discussed.

The fact is, regardless of what is being put into the discussion, you won’t always side with the majority and you may not have it your way when it comes to deciding on something. Therefore, it will be necessary to make concessions and deal with differences while living in a gated community in Brazil, so be aware of that while looking for the perfect place for you and your family.

Pet Restrictions

Another very relevant subject to consider while thinking about moving to a gated community is whether or not you want to have pets or already have some. In Brazil, domestic animals are extremely common in families, with the IBGE (research and statistic Brazilian company) showed that there are over 139.3 million pets in the country.

Living in a gated community means that you will have to participate in making important decisions that could affect your and your neighbors. If this type of arrangement doesn’t really fit you, then maybe life in a closed condo could be too much for you! – Credit: Dreamstime | Pressmaster

But while animals are considered therapeutic, they are also at the center of major disagreements and fights amongst neighbors, especially in condos. Issues such as excessive noise are the main reason why some gated communities prevent animals from being kept on the premises.

There is the possibility to set restrictions for pets, such as the animal’s access to common and leisure areas, or even the possibility of defining which size of the animal is accepted. Either way, if you are an animal lover who thinks there is always room for one more pet, you might want to re-think living in a gated community in Brazil.

Missing Out On The Outside World

Let’s face it, having everything you need so close and so fast, could leave you wondering why the hell you would need to ever leave the condo’s premises. And this could actually end up backfiring if you are not careful, as you could be missing out on some great moments outside the doors of your gated community.

There are many critics of this type of accommodation, constantly comparing them to luxury prisons. for instance.

How To Pick The Perfect Gated Community In Brazil

If after seeing your list you have decided that living in a gated community in Brazil is the best choice for you and your family, it is time to take a look at the condos you will be choosing from in order to find your future home.

And while this can be a little overwhelming, we have a few tips on how to pick the best gated community in Brazil for you:

  • think you and your family’s socioeconomic profile and financial stability so you won’t compromise your budget or personal expenses in the future. Being aware of your main needs and interests and Understanding what you consider essential is extremely important in this choice.
  • take your time to reflect on how living in a gated community will work out for you in medium and long terms. Consider your future plans, if there will be more children, or pets or if you will be living alone or with your partner, or friends. This will surely help you determine what is the appropriate size for your property.
  • observe the infrastructure of the place and consider whether it meets the requirements for the family, for example, if there are children, it is interesting to have children’s play areas, as well as swimming pools for example. Think about your family’s quality of life and if that particular condo fits the bill.
  • make sure the security conditions of the condo are tight, as this is one of the main reasons why people choose to live in gated communities. Also consider the whereabouts of your home, as it is not worth living in a beautiful condo right next to a dangerous favela for instance.
  • still on that last subject, check if the condo is located in a area easy to access, being near access routes to urban centers and close to the routes that will be used by the family on their daily lives. Also make sure to check the accessibility to essential services such as supermarkets and drugstores in the vicinity of the community.
  • plan your move in advance. Think about how much per month you are willing to spend in your home, after all, living in a gated community involves, among other expenses, the monthly fee for the services provided, especially for maintenance of common areas as we saw earlier on the post.

The Best Gated Communities in Brazil

To give you a glimpse of what the best gated communities in the country will be able to provide you, we have prepared a small list based on the locations in which you will find most offers of this kind, so take a look:

Best Gated Communities In São Paulo

Being the largest metropolis in the country, rest assure that São Paulo houses a few of the best and most exclusive gated communities in the country. They are mostly located in the state’s countryside and also on the coast, as most people look for this type of housing to be away from the city and be more in touch with natural landscapes.

Condomínio Cocanha – Caraguatatuba

The Caraguatatuba region is known for having a beautiful and mostly untouched natural landscape, preserving almost all of its original features without suffering any human influence. Therefore, rest assure that the Cocanha condo has a magnificent view and it is also very private, perfect for those who are looking for peace and more contact with nature.

The condo is among the top luxury gated communities on the Brazilian coast and provides many outdoor activities, such as stand-up paddles, diving, and kayaking being just a few of them. In addition to all this, the place has a small island in front of the beach, especially for those interested in shellfish farming, as you will be able to visit the largest mussel farm in São Paulo right here.

As a consequence of the latter, the local cuisine is very focused on seafood, so if you are a fan, you will be in for a treat.

Terras de São José I – Itu

Terras de São José is the first-ever gated community in Brazil, and therefore, a pioneer in this housing segment. The condo to this day is still a reference in quality of life in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, having been created in 1975 and won the Partners for Peace and Sustainability Award, promoted by the UN (United Nations Organization).

The condo houses a great infrastructure filled with entertainment centers and leisure areas, with clear highlights on the golf field and the native forest. For this reason, the Terras de São José I condo is constantly ranked among the best high-end condominiums in Brazil. Amongst the condo’s features, you’ll find:

  • an equestrian center;
  • a helipad;
  • several tennis courts;
  • a playground;
  • natural lakes;
  • hiking trails
  • medical Center;
  • a local restaurant;

The Terras de São José I condo also has a very cool project dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of various species of birds in the native forest. More than 500 birds have already been rehabilitated and rescued with this project, which adds even more to the list of pros of this place.

Terras de São José II

If you were wondering why the previous condo was named with an “I” after its name, it is because the first Terras de São José was such a hit that it didn’t take long for a new (and bigger) project to pick up where the original left off.

Terras de São José II offers the same charm and contact with nature as the first project, but with a touch of modernity and a lot more technology involved. This is evidenced, for example, by the underground cabling system and fiber-optic data network, which leaves the streets free from the visual pollution of hanging cables.

Like its predecessor, it was designed for those who want luxury and tranquility, while being able to enjoy the following common features:

  • the condo has 21 springs and over 3 million square feet of preserved natural area;
  • complete (and awarded!) equestrian center;
  • gym with the best equipment;
  • football fields;
  • gourmet area with themed lounge;
  • tennis courts;
  • a chapel

Condomínio Fazenda Vila Real – Itu

Considered one of the main high-end gated communities in Brazil, Fazenda Vila Real is a great place to live if you want to enjoy being close to nature. The condo has a total area of ​​484 hectares, 40% of which is occupied by native forests and lakes. Therefore, you will have a beautiful landscape full of fresh air within walking distance.

Amongst the services and areas shared by the residents, we can highlight:

  • ecological trails and zipline;
  • restaurant and local market;
  • playground and entertainment center
  • several lakes, one of which allows the residents to practice of water sports;
  • an exclusive library and nurseries;
  • 3 swimming pools (for both adults and children);
  • tennis courts,
  • multisport courts,
  • squash and beach tennis courts;
  • gym and pilates room

City Castelo – Itu

Our 3rd entry from Itu proves that this district in São Paulo is one of the main places for great closed communities in São Paulo. The City Castello condo is perfect for those looking for a large area to build their house but also don’t want to live far from the capital, which is the main reason why Itu is the perfect location for this type of real state.

In addition to its great location, the condo’s infrastructure is composed of various leisure areas, which contribute to the social interaction of the tenants. Amongst the many features, we can highlight:

  • party area;
  • lakes and woods with trails;
  • football field;
  • fitness center;
  • tennis and multi-sport courts;
  • a steam room;
  • playground and entertainment center;
  • complete security system

Village Castelo

Just like it happened with Terras de Sçao José I, the City Castelo condo was such a hit that a follow-up real state quickly began its construction right next to the original. Therefore, rest assure that you will be living in a fantastic location, distant enough so you can forget about the big city but still be able to reach it when you want to.

Its 5k square miles territory allows for the construction of spacious and very comfortable houses, which is one of the main reasons why the condo gained the reputation of being a favorite amongst the people of São Paulo who are looking to migrate there.

The condo also has pretty fantastic leisure space with various entertainment areas, such as:

  • a lake for sport fishing;
  • a fitness center;
  • wide beautiful green areas;
  • community squares;
  • football and multisport fields;
  • playground and entertainment center;

Ponta das Toninhas – Ubatuba

In Ubatuba (on the north coast of São Paulo), the real estate market is very competitive and has several options of homes in luxury gated communities throughout its area. One of them is the Ponta das Toninhas, one of the most popular and famous in the city, located very close to the Toninhas beach.

At the Pontas das Toninhas condo, you will find everything from grand, high-end mansions to more modest houses fit for smaller families as well. On top of that, the Toninhas beach is ideal for surfing, as you will be able to spot several surfers practicing the sport at sea during the day, as well as people who go on water rides in the region.

Best Gated Communities in Santa Catarina

Sanat Catarina is a state located in the south portion of Brazil, a region known for having some of the coldest weather in the country (which we have previously talked about in this article). But that’s not the case with Balneário Camboriú, a coastal city that is one of the main touristic spots in the country.

Being dubbed as the “Brazilian Dubai” by locals (due to the landscape filled with skyscrapers), Balneário Camboriú is an amalgam of big-city energy, laidback beach vibes, and a very agitated nightlife, which makes it the perfect place for a few incredible gated communities:

Condomínio Porto Riviera Exclusive – Balneário Camboriú

Located on Praia Brava, in Itajaí, Porto Riviera is a luxury high-end gated condo of houses that combines a daring urban and architectural project with natural landscapes, not only showing concern for nature but also integrating it with the metropolitan environment.

The Porto Riviera Exclusive condo has over 300k square feet of territory, with only 98 plots of land, which means you will have plenty of space to fit your belongings pretty comfortably. Those who want comfort and refinement, but also want to live close to the sea and nature, will definitely find a perfect home in this location.

Amongst the leisure areas you will be disposing of, we can highlight:

  • a fitness center
  • gourmet area and an event center
  • playground and entertainment center;
  • BBQ space
  • a semi-olympic swimming pool
  • a soccer field

Vivendas do Atlântico – Balneário Camboriú

The Vivendas do Atlântico Condo in Balneário Camboriú has a very high standard infrastructure, and its main differential over most gated communities is the fact that it has direct access to the beach, being one of the horizontal condos facing the sea in the entire region.

Having the same tranquil and paradisiacal vibes of the Estaleiro beach, the Vivendas do Atlantico condo reproduces the beachy and tropical relaxed atmosphere that is very characteristic of Balneário Camboriú, in addition to also offering great leisure options, such as:

  • a playground and entertainment center,
  • tennis courts,
  • a lake,
  • support apparel for the beach (such as umbrellas, chairs and ice)
  • a football field

Villa Rica – Balneário Camboriú

Having beautiful and rich architectural details, Villa Rica is a high-end gated condo in Balneário Camboriú that provides a very luxurious standard of living, with comfort and safety. Since mostly everyone’s lives were turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, some people might be pleased with the fact that the houses in this condo are already equipped with a home office, which is definitely a plus if you need to work from home.

The condo is pretty spacious, housing the following common leisure areas:

  • 3 party lounges,
  • a swimming pool,
  • a playground and entertainment center,
  • a muti sports court
  • a tennis court

Haras Rio D’Ouro – Balneário Camboriú

Haras Rio do Ouro is another upscale gated community in Balneário Camboriú, with an infrastructure and landscapes like few in the region. The condo is very close to Praia dos Amores and Praia Brava, which means you will have 2 beaches so close they will feel like they are private.

Aside from the privileged surroundings, the Haras Rio D’Ouro condo is just a few minutes away from the city’s commercial center, which makes it even better when you have to run an errand and don’t have much time. Aside from housing over 540k square feet worth of green areas, you will also be able to enjoy the following:

  • swimming pool
  • a gourmet and BBQ area
  • playground with kids toys
  • a fitness center
  • a game room
  • an event center
  • multi sports court

Best Gated Communities in Rio de Janeiro

Of course, we couldn’t leave the city of wonders out of our list, as Rio de Janeiro also has a few gated communities worth checking. Of course, the violence promoted by the militia and the druglords is the biggest reason why people choose to live in closed condos, something that has unfortunately been part of the city’s history.

As we mentioned earlier on the topic, Barra da Tijuca and Recreio are the districts in Rio that are most notable for housing many gated communities, mainly because of its distance to the rest of the city, and also because the landscape is truly beautiful, as the beaches here are of the best in the city.

Alphaville – Barra da Tijuca

Alphaville Barra is a luxury gated comunity, made up of high-end mansions and apartments for the upscale Rio de Janeiro citizens, who will be able to enjoy a privileged region of Barra da Tijuca, between the beach and Lagoa de Jacarepaguá, with great security, comfort and quality of life.

The condo is one of the most notorious in the region, taking up a huge territory of the neighborhood. In addition to the mansions that are pretty common at Alphaville Barra, the region also houses condos with luxury apartments (called AlphaGreen and AlphaLand), which also make for excellent housing.

Amongst the areas and services provided by the Alphaville Barra condo, we can highlight:

  • a fitness center
  • 24/7 patroling
  • swimming pool (kids and adult) and pool bar
  • dry and humid steam rooms
  • playground and entertainment center
  • gourmet and BBQ area
  • a tennis court
  • a soccer court
  • over 390k square feet worth of green areas


How did you like our post on the pros and cons of living in a gated community in Brazil? I hope we were able to give you a pretty solid notion of what life feels like in a gated condo in the country, and whether it fits or not your everyday lifestyle.

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Cover Photo: aerial image of a gated community in Cabreúva, located in the countryside of São Paulo – Credit: Flickr | Fernando Stankuns

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