About Bruno

Hi, I’m Bruno! I am a writer on this blog, and I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. I am a big fan of the Brazilian culture, and I love to share everything I know about it, especially the little-known facts that you only end up knowing from a local.

When I’m not writing articles for Tripster Panda, I work as a Nutritionist in Rio, so food definitely is one of my favorite topics. I think food and traveling are deeply connected, as while your eyes get to marvel at the beautiful scenarios, only the local traditional cuisine helps you to really understand what it feels like to belong to that place.

Before I became a Nutritionist, I majored in Advertising, so I really love to communicate and share experiences. In addition, I am very into music and arts in general. Still, lately, I’ve also been discovering that I have a knack for sewing, which could be very beneficial for one of my favorite activities ever: designing costumes for Rio’s Carnival!

I am a big Carnival enthusiast; it is definitely my favorite time of the year. The costumes, the music, the feeling you get when you hear the marching band up close, I am in love with the whole thing. If you have never been to Rio during Carnival, you really should!

Aside from that, I am an uber-nerd when it comes to video games, especially if we’re talking Nintendo. I am very passionate about story-driven games, but I’m also all about having fun with friends while playing almost any game of the Mario franchise.

I still have many places to visit in the country, as Brazil is pretty big and vast. However, while making itineraries for myself around Brazil, I had a hard time finding helpful information, especially on less touristic cities in the country. And if I struggled a bit in order to fact-check and verify the info I could gather, I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone who doesn’t live here!

So that is what motives me to write for Tripster Panda. Aside from the traditional content expected from a tourism-focused blog, I would love to show you the country through the eyes of a passionate local, as I think that makes a world of difference while you’re experiencing a new place.

So I hope you enjoy the content and share it if you find it useful! I would also love to connect and share ideas and experiences with you, so feel free to leave me a comment!